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Ganado Mucho and the Mormons: Seeking for Peace in Troubled Times Compton, Todd M. 2021 Journal Article 0 16
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FARMS and Its Contributions to the Study of the Book of Mormon: 1979–2011 Seely, David Rolph 2021 Journal Article 0 47
John Beck's Fabulous Mine and Its "Consecrated" Stock Addams, R. Jean 2021 Journal Article 0 33
What Is Women's Relationship to Priesthood? Tate, Lisa Olsen 2021 Journal Article 0 39
Will Things Get Better or Worse Before the Second Coming?: Are Latter-day Saints Premillenarians or Postmillenarians? Woodworth, Jed L. 2021 Journal Article 0 16
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Knowing the Book Better: Orson Pratt, George Reynolds, and Janne M. Sjödahl on the Book of Mormon Easton-Flake, Amy 2021 Journal Article 0 14
South Slav Settlements in Utah, 1890-1934 Stipanovich, Joseph 1975 Journal Article 0 2
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Has the Mormon Church Re-entered Politics? Miller, Glen 1895 Journal Article 0 0
Labor at the Beginning of the 20th Century: The Carbon County, Utah Coal Fields Powell, Allan Kent 1972 Dissertation 0 8
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Free Agency, Determinism, and Chaos Theory Timmins, David B. 1995 Journal Article 0 0
Divine Dialogue and the Lord's Prayer : Socio-Rhetorical Interpretation of Texts Robbins, Vernon K. 1995 Journal Article 0 0
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Expensive Agency Rytting, Marvin 1985 Journal Article 0 0
Confessions of a Tolkien Addict Stairr, Fredda 1978 Journal Article 0 0
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Four Single Men That I Hope Never Marry Gump, P. Q. [Orson Scott Card] 1977 Journal Article 0 0
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Sexual Segregation Raynes, Marybeth 1987 Journal Article 0 0