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“Strong Like unto Moses” : The Case for Ancient Roots in the Book of Moses Based on Book of Mormon Usage of Related Content Apparently from the Brass Plates Reynolds, Noel B.;Lindsay, Jeff 2021 Journal Article 10 17
The Goodness of God and His Children as a Fundamental Theological Concept in the Book of Mormon Reynolds, Noel B. 2021 Journal Article 7 3
Josiah to Zoram to Sherem to Jarom and the Big Little Book of Omni Larsen, Val 2021 Journal Article 7 15
The Inclusive, Anti-Discrimination Message of the Book of Mormon Belnap, David M. 2021 Journal Article 6 41
The Bible in the Millennial Star and the Woman’s Exponent : Biblical Use and Interpretation in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Late Nineteenth Century Easton-Flake, Amy 2021 Journal Article 6 10
Event or Process? How “the Chamber of Old Father Whitmer” Helps Us Understand Priesthood Restoration MacKay, Michael Hubbard 2021 Journal Article 4 25
That Which You Have Translated, Which You Have Retained Jones, Clifford P. 2021 Journal Article 4 15
The Joseph Smith Papers, Documents, Vol. 12: March 1843 - July 1843 Godfrey, Matthew C.;Smith, R. Eric 2021 Book 4 121
First : The Life and Faith of Emma Smith Reeder, Jennifer 2021 Book 4 82
Axes Mundi : Ritual Complexes in Mesoamerica and the Book of Mormon Wright, Mark Alan 2021 Journal Article 3 1
Know Brother Joseph : New Perspectives on Joseph Smith's Life and Character Godfrey, Matthew C.;Smith, R. Eric;Grow, Matthew J. 2021 Book 3 51
Joseph Smith for President : The Prophet, the Assassins, and the Fight for American Religious Freedom McBride, Spencer W. 2021 Book 3 56
The People of Canaan : A New Reading of Moses 7 Stokes, Adam Oliver 2021 Journal Article 3 15
Demythicizing the Lamanites’ “Skin of Blackness” Steenblik, Gerrit M. 2021 Journal Article 3 42
Remnant or Replacement? Outlining a Possible Apostasy Narrative Spencer, Joseph M.;Frederick, Nicholas J. 2021 Journal Article 3 16
Queer Mormon Histories and the Politics of a Usable Past Griffin, Alexandria 2021 Journal Article 3 4
Fantasy and Reality in the Translation of the Book of Abraham Gee, John 2021 Journal Article 3 14
The Secular Binary of Joseph Smith's Translations MacKay, Michael Hubbard 2021 Journal Article 3 8
"The Messiah Will Set Himself Again" : Jacob's Use of Isaiah 11:11 in 2 Nephi 6:14 and Jacob 6:2 Bowen, Matthew L. 2021 Journal Article 3 4
From Creation to Sinai: The Old Testament through the Lens of the Restoration Belnap, Daniel;Schade, Aaron P. 2021 Book 3 32
Latter-day Saints in Washington, D.C. : History, People, and Places Alford, Kenneth L.;Baugh, Alexander L.;Newell, Lloyd D. 2021 Book 3 107
Proclaim Peace: The Restoration's Answer to an Age of Conflict Mason, Patrick Q.;Pulsipher, John David 2021 Book 3 45
Eugene England: A Mormon Liberal Haglund, Kristine L. 2021 Book 3 48
Queer Mormon Theology: An Introduction Ostler, Blaire 2021 Book 3 12
The Rise and Fall of Korihor, a Zoramite : A New Look at the Failed Mission of an Agent of Zoram Ellis, Godfrey J. 2021 Journal Article 3 16
And the One Pointed the Way: Issues of Interpretation and Translation Involving the Liahona Spendlove, Loren Blake 2021 Journal Article 2 6
The Brass Plates : Can Modern Scholarship Help Identify Their Contents? Thompson, A. Keith 2021 Journal Article 2 7
Biblical hesed and Nephite Covenant Culture Reynolds, Noel B. 2021 Journal Article 2 9
“I Would Not Risk My Salvation to Any Man” : Eliza R. Snow's Challenge to Salvific Coverture LeFevre, Brooke 2021 Journal Article 2 23
Brigham Young's Garden Cosmology Stapley, Jonathan A. 2021 Journal Article 2 17
Joseph Smith as Book of Mormon Storyteller Hales, Brian C. 2021 Journal Article 2 28
The Origin and Purpose of the Book of Mormon Phrase "If Ye Keep My Commandments Ye Shall Prosper in the Land" Halverson, Taylor 2021 Journal Article 2 1
Real vs. Rumor : How to Dispel Latter-day Myths Erekson, Keith A. 2021 Book 2 74
Cunning and Disorderly : Early Nineteenth-Century Witch Trials of Joseph Smith Padro, Manuel W. 2021 Journal Article 2 21
Latter-day Saints and Images of Christ's Crucifixion Stratford, Ed;Hilton, John, III;Sweat, Anthony 2021 Journal Article 2 6
Yet to Be Revealed: Open Questions in Latter-day Saint Theology Givens, Terryl L.;Eliason, Eric A. 2021 Book 2 215
An Early Christian Context for the Book of Moses Calabro, David 2021 Journal Article 2 11
Ancient Temple Imagery in the Sermons of Jacob Bokovoy, David E. 2021 Journal Article 2 2
Strangite Masonry and the Order of Illuminati Bruno, Cheryl L. 2021 Journal Article 2 6
"If Ye Believe on His Name" : Wordplay on the Name Samuel in Helaman 14:2, 12-13 and 3 Nephi 23:9 and the Doctrine of Christ in Samuel's Speech Bowen, Matthew L. 2021 Journal Article 2 5
The Practice and Meaning of Declaring Lineage in Patriarchal Blessings Andersen, M. Steve 2021 Journal Article 2 8
Prolegomena to a Study of the Egyptian Alphabet Documents in the Joseph Smith Papers Gee, John 2021 Journal Article 2 7
The Book of Mormon’s Complex Finite Cause Syntax Carmack, Stanford 2021 Journal Article 2 6