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Baugh, Alexander L.

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A Call to Arms : The 1838 Defense of Northern Missouri Baugh, Alexander L. 1996 Dissertation 76 0
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Days Never to Be Forgotten : Oliver Cowdery Baugh, Alexander L. 2009 Book 15 0
Documents, Volume 6: February 1838-August 1839 Baugh, Alexander L.;Grow, Matthew J.;Ashurst-McGee, Mark;Kuehne, Raymond M.;Esplin, Ronald K.;Grua, David W.;Godfrey, Matthew C.;Rensink, Brenden W. 2017 Book 14 162
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Parting the Veil : The Visions of Joseph Smith Baugh, Alexander L. 1999 Journal Article 11 7
The Joseph Smith Papers : Documents, Volume 6 : February 1838–August 1839 Baugh, Alexander L.;Kuehn, Elizabeth A.;Ashurst-McGee, Mark;Grua, David W.;Rensink, Brenden W. 2017 Book 10 145
Joseph Young's Affidavit of the Massacre at Haun's Mill Baugh, Alexander L. 1999 Journal Article 9 0
Jacob Hawn and the Hawn's Mill Massacre : Missouri Millwright and Oregon Pioneer Baugh, Alexander L. 2010 Journal Article 8 14
"I Roll the Burthen and Responsibility of Leading This Church Off from My Shoulders on to Yours" : The 1844/1845 Declaration of the Quorum of the Twelve Regarding Apostolic Succession Holzapfel, Richard Neitzel;Baugh, Alexander L. 2010 Journal Article 8 29
The Final Episode of Mormonism in Missouri in the 1830s : The Incarceration of the Mormon Prisoners at Richmond and Columbia Jails, 1838-1839 Baugh, Alexander L. 2008 Journal Article 7 35
A Community Abandoned : W. W. Phelps' 1839 Letter to Sally Waterman Phelps from Far West, Missouri Baugh, Alexander L. 1998 Journal Article 6 0
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Preserving the Joseph Smith Papyri Fragments : What Can We Learn from the Paper on Which the Papyri Were Mounted? Muhlestein, Kerry;Baugh, Alexander L. 2013 Journal Article 6 5
The Odyssey of a Latter-day Prophet : Wilford Woodruff and the Manifesto of 1890 Black, Susan Easton;Alexander, Thomas G.;Baugh, Alexander L. 2010 Book Chapter 6 0
'Blessed Is the First Man Baptised in This Font' : Reuben McBride, First Proxy to Be Baptized for the Dead in the Nauvoo Temple Baugh, Alexander L. 2002 Journal Article 6 9
Raising Money in Righteousness : Oliver Cowdery as Banker Staker, Mark L.;Baugh, Alexander L. 2009 Book Chapter 5 0
The Battle between Mormon and Missouri Militia at Crooked River Garr, Arnold K.;Baugh, Alexander L.;Johnson, Clark V. 1994 Book Chapter 5 0
The Knights at Castle Garden : Latter-day Saint Immigration Agents at New York Woods, Fred E.;Baugh, Alexander L.;Hedges, Andrew H. 2002 Book Chapter 5 0
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"Silence, Ye Fiends of the Infernal Pit!" : Joseph Smith's Incarceration in Richmond, Missouri, November 1838 Baugh, Alexander L. 2012 Journal Article 5 20
The Practice of Baptism for the Dead Outside of Temples Baugh, Alexander L. 1998 Journal Article 4 0
Samuel Bogart's 1839 Letter About the Mormons to the Quincy Postmaster Baugh, Alexander L. 1995 Journal Article 4 0
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Oliver Cowdery as Book of Mormon Scribe Baugh, Alexander L.;Skousen, Royal 2009 Book Chapter 3 0
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A Rare Account of the Haun's Mill Massacre : The Reminiscence of Willard Gilbert Smith Baugh, Alexander L. 2007 Journal Article 3 4
Defending Mormonism : The Scandinavian Mission Presidency of Andrew Jenson, 1909–12​ Baugh, Alexander L. 2012 Book Chapter 2 0