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A House Full of Females : Plural Marriage and Women's Rights in Early Mormonism, 1835-1870 Ulrich, Laurel Thatcher 2017 Book 75 190
Race and the Making of the Mormon People Mueller, Max Perry 2017 Book 59 193
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At the Pulpit : 185 Years of Discourses by Latter-day Saint Women Reeder, Jennifer;Holbrook, Kate 2017 Book 32 0
Unpopular Sovereignty : Mormons and the Federal Management of Early Utah Territory Rogers, Brent M. 2017 Book 28 0
An Introduction to the Book of Abraham Gee, John 2017 Book 27 30
Documents, Volume 6: February 1838-August 1839 Baugh, Alexander L.;Grow, Matthew J.;Ashurst-McGee, Mark;Kuehne, Raymond M.;Esplin, Ronald K.;Grua, David W.;Godfrey, Matthew C.;Rensink, Brenden W. 2017 Book 26 162
Mormon Women's History : Beyond Biography Erekson, Keith A.;Cope, Rachel;Easton-Flake, Amy;Tait, Lisa Olsen 2017 Book 17 267
Confessions of a Mormon Historian : The Diaries of Leonard J. Arrington, 1971-1999 Bergera, Gary James 2017 Book 15 0
"To Seek the Law of the Lord": Essays in Honor of John W. Welch Hoskisson, Paul Y.;Peterson, Daniel C. 2017 Book 13 114
Feeding the Flock : The Foundations of Mormon Thought : Church and Praxis Givens, Terryl L. 2017 Book 13 161
Biblical Merismus in Book of Mormon Gospel References Reynolds, Noel B. 2017 Journal Article 12 3
Decolonizing the Blossoming : Indigenous People's Faith in a Colonizing Church Benally, Moroni 2017 Journal Article 11 0
The Council of Fifty : What the Records Reveal about Mormon History Smith, R. Eric;Grow, Matthew J. 2017 Book 10 0
Mountain Meadows Massacre : Collected Legal Papers Turley, Richard E., Jr.;Carruth, LaJean Purcell;Johnson, Janiece 2017 Book 10 95
'To Be Learned is Good' : Essays on Faith and Scholarship in Honor of Richard Lyman Bushman Flake, Kathleen;Fluhman, J. Spencer;Woodworth, Jed 2017 Book 10 0
The Joseph Smith Papers : Documents, Volume 6 : February 1838–August 1839 Baugh, Alexander L.;Kuehn, Elizabeth A.;Ashurst-McGee, Mark;Grua, David W.;Rensink, Brenden W. 2017 Book 10 145
The Ancient Doctrine of the Two Ways and the Book of Mormon Reynolds, Noel B. 2017 Journal Article 10 5
The Book of Mormon and Other Hidden Books : Out of Darkness unto Light Tvedtnes, John A. 2017 Book 9 26
How Joseph Smith's Grammar Differed from Book of Mormon Grammar : Evidence from the 1832 History Carmack, Stanford 2017 Journal Article 9 4
Settling the Valley, Proclaiming the Gospel : The General Epistles of the Mormon First Presidency Waite, Nathan N.;Neilson, Reid L. 2017 Book 8 394
Pearl of Great Price Reference Companion Largey, Dennis L. 2017 Book 8 96
How the Book of Mormon Reads the Bible : A Theory of Types Austin, Michael 2017 Journal Article 8 11
Mormons in the Piazza : History of the Latter-Day Saints in Italy Dursteler, Eric R.;Toronto, James A.;Homer, Michael W. 2017 Book 7 178
Perspectives on Mormon Theology : Apologetics Van Dyke, Blair G.;Ericson, Loyd 2017 Book 7 5
Seers and Stones : The Translation of the Book of Mormon as Divine Visions of an Old-Time Seer Spencer, Stan 2017 Journal Article 7 30
Thoughts on Latino Mormons, Their Afterlife, and the Need for a New Historical Paradigm for Saints of Color Garcia, Ignacio M. 2017 Journal Article 7 4
Bare Record : The Nephite Archivist, The Record of Records, and the Book of Mormon Provenance Wells, Anita 2017 Journal Article 6 7
“This Son Shall Comfort Us”: An Onomastic Tale of Two Noahs Bowen, Matthew L. 2017 Journal Article 6 5
Joseph Smith Translating Genesis Jackson, Kent P. 2017 Journal Article 6 17
Black Saviors on Mount Zion : Proxy Baptisms and Latter-day Saints of African Descent Reiter, Tonya 2017 Journal Article 6 0
Salt Lake School of the Prophets, 1867-1883 Anderson, Devery S. 2017 Book 6 0
Coming Out Mormon : An Examination of Religious Orientation, Spiritual Trauma, and PTSD among Mormons and Ex-Mormon LGBTQQA Adults Simmons, Brian William 2017 Dissertation 6 3
Community of Christ : An American Progressive Christianity, With Mormonism as an Option Vanel, Chrystal 2017 Journal Article 5 24
Exceptionally Queer : Mormon Peculiarity and US Exceptionalism Mohrman, K. 2017 Dissertation 5 95
Turning the Hearts of the Children : Early Māori Leaders in the Mormon Church Katene, Selwyn 2017 Book 5 0
To Be Young, Mormon, and Tongan Uluave-Hafoka, Moana 2017 Journal Article 5 0
'I Intend to Get Up a Whistling School' : The Nauvoo Whistling and Whittling Movement, American Vigilante Tradition, and Mormon Theocratic Thought Mahas, Jeffrey 2017 Journal Article 5 0
Biblical Women in the Woman's Exponent : Nineteenth-Century Mormon Women Interpret the Bible Easton-Flake, Amy 2017 Book Chapter 5 0
The Church and the Kingdom of God : Ecclesiastical Interpretations of the Council of Fifty Blythe, Christopher James 2017 Journal Article 5 0
Danish, But Not Lutheran : The Impact of Mormonism on Danish Cultural Identity, 1850-1920 Allen, Julie K. 2017 Book 5 41
Fatal Convergence in the Kingdom of God : The Mountain Meadows Massacre in American History Gordon, Sarah Barringer;Shipps, Jan 2017 Journal Article 5 0
Ezra Taft Benson, Dwight D. Eisenhower and the Emergence of a Conspiracy Culture within the Mormon Church Harris, Matthew L. 2017 Journal Article 5 23
Mormons Probably Aren't Materialists Brown, Samuel Morris 2017 Journal Article 5 0
"We Believe the Hand of the Lord Is in It" : Memories of Divine Intervention in the Zion's Camp Expedition Godfrey, Matthew C. 2017 Journal Article 4 32
Ann Booth's Vision and Early Conceptions of Redeeming the Dead among Latter-day Saints Blythe, Christopher James 2017 Journal Article 4 17
Dime Novel Mormons Parshall, Ardis E.;Austin, Michael 2017 Book 4 0
Alexander Campbell and Joseph Smith Benson, RoseAnn 2017 Book 4 124
More Than Meets the Eye : How Nephite Prophets Managed the Jaredite Legacy Axelgard, Frederick W. 2017 Journal Article 4 6
'Satan Mourns Naked upon the Earth' : Locating Mormon Possession and Exorcism Rituals in the American Religious Landscape, 1830-1977 Taysom, Stephen C. 2017 Journal Article 4 0