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Erekson, Keith A.

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Mormon Women's History : Beyond Biography Erekson, Keith A.;Cope, Rachel;Easton-Flake, Amy;Tait, Lisa Olsen 2017 Book 15 267
What We Will Do Now That New Mormon History is Old : A Roundtable Erekson, Keith A.;Reeve, W. Paul;Tait, Lisa Olsen;Cope, Rachel;Polk, Patrick A.;Jones, Megan Sanborn;Howlett, David J.;Harris, Amy;Fluhman, J. Spencer;Bowman, Matthew 2009 Journal Article 7 43
American Prophet, New England Town : The Memory of Joseph Smith in Vermont Erekson, Keith A. 2002 Dissertation 5 148
From Missionary Resort to Memorial Farm : Commemoration and Capitalism at the Birthplace of Joseph Smith, 1905-1925 Erekson, Keith A. 2005 Journal Article 4 24
"Out of the Mists of Memory" : Remembering Joseph Smith in Vermont Erekson, Keith A. 2005 Journal Article 4 56
Elvis Has Left the Library : Identifying Forged Annotations in a Book of Mormon Erekson, Keith A. 2018 Journal Article 4 0
The Conversion of Artemus Millet and His Call to Kirtland Erekson, Keith A.;Newell, Lloyd D. 2002 Journal Article 3 14
A Gathering Place for the Scandinavian People' : Conversion, Retention, and Gathering in Norway, Illinois (1842-1849) Erekson, Keith A.;Newell, Lloyd D. 2000 Journal Article 2 18
Real vs. Rumor : How to Dispel Latter-day Myths Erekson, Keith A. 2021 Book 2 74
Contingent Citizens: Shifting Perceptions of Latter-day Saints in American Political Culture Erekson, Keith A.;Rogers, Brent M.;McBride, Spencer W. 2020 Book 2 143
Getting Around the Dichotomy Squared Erekson, Keith A. 2009 Journal Article 1 3
The Office of Church Recorder: A Conversation with Elder Steven E. Snow Erekson, Keith A. 2019 Journal Article 0 34
The Joseph Smith Memorial Monument and Royalton's "Mormon Affair" : Religion, Community, Memory, and Politics in Progressive Vermont Erekson, Keith A. 2005 Journal Article 0 0
A New Era of Family History Work : Teaching Family History Sucessfully in a Ward Setting Erekson, Keith A. 2002 Journal Article 0 0
"A Symbolic and Official Act of Pure Love" : The Naming and Blessing of Infants in Latter-day Saint Doctrine and Practice Erekson, Keith A. 2001 Book Chapter 0 0
Jedediah M. Grant : Second Counselor to Brigham Young (1854-1856) Erekson, Keith A.;Winder, Michael K. 2001 Book Chapter 0 0
Giving Life to Lifeless Histories : Strategies and Sources for Reconstructing the Life of a Nineteenth Century Latter-Day Saint Ancestor Erekson, Keith A.;Derr, Jill Mulvay 2002 Book Chapter 0 0