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Howlett, David J.

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Kirtland Temple : The Biography of a Shared Mormon Sacred Space Howlett, David J. 2014 Book 16 90
What We Will Do Now That New Mormon History is Old : A Roundtable Erekson, Keith A.;Reeve, W. Paul;Tait, Lisa Olsen;Cope, Rachel;Polk, Patrick A.;Jones, Megan Sanborn;Howlett, David J.;Harris, Amy;Fluhman, J. Spencer;Bowman, Matthew 2009 Journal Article 7 43
Remembering Polygamy : The RLDS Church and American Spiritual Transformaitons in the Late Twentieth Century Howlett, David J. 2004 Journal Article 6 24
"The Making of a Steward" : Zion, Ecclesiastical Power, and RLDS Bodies, 1923-31 Howlett, David J. 2006 Journal Article 5 11
The Death and Resurrection of the RLDS Zion : A Case Study in "Failed Prophecy," 1930-70 Howlett, David J. 2007 Journal Article 5 6
The Restoration Branches Movement : Bodily Boundaries and Bodily Crossings Among RLDS Fundamentalists Bringhurst, Newell G.;Hamer, John C.;Howlett, David J. 2007 Book Chapter 4 0
The Body of Zion : Community, Human Bodies, and Eschatological futures among the Reorganized Latter-day Saints, 1908-1934 Howlett, David J. 2004 Dissertation 4 0
Mormonism : The Basics Howlett, David J.;Duffy, John-Charles 2016 Book 3 0
Zion as Fiction : Gender, Early RLDS Novels, and the Politics of Place Howlett, David J. 2005 Journal Article 2 21
Community of Christ : An Illustrated History Hamer, John C.;Howlett, David J.;Walden, Barbara B. 2010 Book 2 0
Restorationist Studies : The Future of the New Mormon History Howlett, David J. 2009 Journal Article 1 1
Eating Vegetables to Build Zion : RLDS Children in the 1920s Howlett, David J. 2009 Journal Article 1 15
The Community of Christ (RLDS Church) : Structuring Common Differences in the Philippines Howlett, David J. 2020 Book Chapter 1 14
Why Denominations Can Climb Hills: RLDS Conversions in Highland Tribal India and Midwestern America, 1964–2000 Howlett, David J. 2020 Journal Article 1 12
Ripe Fields, Plentiful Laborers, Few Jobs : The Prospects and Challenges for Early-Career Mormon Studies Scholars Howlett, David J. 2015 Journal Article 1 4
Book of Mormon Reeve, W. Paul;Parshall, Ardis E.;Howlett, David J.;Thayne, Stanley J. 2010 Encyclopedia Article 0 0
Parallel pilgrimage at Kirtland Temple : cooperation and contestation among Mormon denominations, 1965-2009 Howlett, David J. 2010 Dissertation 0 0
What Does Kashi Have to Do With Salt Lake? : Academic Comparisons, Asian Religions, and Mormonism Howlett, David J. 2014 Journal Article 0 0
The Kirtland Temple as a Shared Space : A Conversation with David J. Howlett Howlett, David J. 2014 Journal Article 0 0
The RLDS Church, Global Denominations, and Globalization: Why the Study of Denominations Still Matters Howlett, David J. 2022 Journal Article 0 2
AWARE, Consciousness Raising, and RLDS Feminist Networks, 1969-1985 DeVries, Kennedy;Howlett, David J.;Ross, Nancy 2023 Journal Article 0 5
The Women's Ordination Movement in the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints: Historical and Sociological Perspectives Howlett, David J.;Ross, Nancy;Kruse, Zoe 2022 Journal Article 0 14