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Duffy, John-Charles

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The Use of "Lamanite" in Official LDS Discourses Duffy, John-Charles 2008 Journal Article 14 51
Concealing the Body, Concealing the Sacred : The Decline of Ritual Nudity in Mormon Temples Duffy, John-Charles 2007 Journal Article 8 0
Correlated Praise : The Development of the Spanish Hymnal Olaiz, Hugo N.;Duffy, John-Charles 2002 Journal Article 6 13
Faithful scholarship : The Mainstreaming of Morman Studies and the Politics of Insider Discourse Duffy, John-Charles 2006 Dissertation 6 0
Clyde Forsberg's Equal Rites and the Exoticizing of Mormonism Duffy, John-Charles 2006 Journal Article 6 22
Can Deconstruction Save the Day? "Faithful Scholarship" and the Uses of Postmodernism Duffy, John-Charles 2008 Journal Article 6 27
Mapping Book of Mormon Historicity Debates :Part 1 : A Guide for the Overwhelmed Duffy, John-Charles 2008 Journal Article 5 0
Defending the Kingdom, Rethinking the Faith : How Apologetics is Reshaping Mormon Orthodoxy Duffy, John-Charles 2004 Journal Article 4 40
Mormonism : The Basics Howlett, David J.;Duffy, John-Charles 2016 Book 3 0
Conservative pluralists : the cultural politics of Mormon-evangelical dialogue in the United States at the turn of the twenty-first century Duffy, John-Charles 2011 Dissertation 3 0
Just How "Scandalous" is the Golden Plates Story? : Academic Discourse on the Origin of the Book of Mormon Duffy, John-Charles 2006 Journal Article 2 37
Elders on the Big Screen : Film and the Globalized Circulation of Mormon Missionary Images Decker, Mark T.;Duffy, John-Charles;Austin, Michael 2010 Book Chapter 2 0
'A Religion by Revelation' : Emerson as Radical Restorationist Duffy, John-Charles 2000 Journal Article 1 0
Casserole Myth : Religious Myth and Inclusivity in Angels in America Duffy, John-Charles 1997 Journal Article 0 0
Reinventing McLellin : A Historiographical Review Duffy, John-Charles 2007 Book Chapter 0 0
Is it Good to be a "New Religion"? : Mormonism and the Status Politics of Novelty Duffy, John-Charles 2014 Journal Article 0 0