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Harris, Amy

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What We Will Do Now That New Mormon History is Old : A Roundtable Erekson, Keith A.;Reeve, W. Paul;Tait, Lisa Olsen;Cope, Rachel;Polk, Patrick A.;Jones, Megan Sanborn;Howlett, David J.;Harris, Amy;Fluhman, J. Spencer;Bowman, Matthew 2009 Journal Article 7 43
Converting Mormon History Harris, Amy 2009 Journal Article 3 2
Early Mormonism's Expansive Family and the Browett women Harris, Amy 2017 Book Chapter 2 212
A Genealogical Turn: Possibilities for Mormon Studies and Genealogical Scholarship Harris, Amy 2018 Journal Article 0 18
How Dead Cats, Your Siblings, Eighteenth-Century English Clergy, Making Lists, TED Talks, Evolutionary Biology, Susa Young Gates, and My Mom Can Save the World from Being Utterly Wasted Harris, Amy 2019 Journal Article 0 4