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Rappleye, Neal

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The Deuteronomist Reforms and Lehi’s Family Dynamics : A Social Context for the Rebellions of Laman and Lemuel Rappleye, Neal 2015 Journal Article 6 9
Book of Mormon Minimalists and the NHM Inscriptions : A Response to Dan Vogel Rappleye, Neal;Smoot, Stephen O. 2014 Journal Article 4 22
"Idle and Slothful Strange Stories" : Book of Mormon Origins and the Historical Record Rappleye, Neal 2016 Journal Article 3 41
Learning Nephi’s Language : Creating a Context for 1 Nephi 1:2 Rappleye, Neal 2015 Journal Article 2 3
An Ishmael Buried Near Nahom Rappleye, Neal 2021 Journal Article 2 20
Serpents of Fire and Brass: A Contextual Study of the Brazen Serpent Tradition in the Book of Mormon Rappleye, Neal 2022 Journal Article 1 45
Boundary Maintenance that Pushes the Boundaries : Scriptural and Theological Insights from Apologetics Rappleye, Neal 2017 Book Chapter 1 18
Knowing Why: 137 Evidences that the Book of Mormon is True Rappleye, Neal;Halverson, Taylor;Larsen, David J.;Welch, John W.;Smoot, Stephen O. 2017 Book 0 189
The Place—or the Tribe—Called Nahom?: NHM as Both a Tribal and Geographic Name in Modern and Ancient Yemen Rappleye, Neal 2023 Journal Article 0 15