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Taysom, Stephen C.

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Shakers, Mormons, and Religious Worlds : Conflicting Visions, Contested Boundaries Taysom, Stephen C. 2011 Book 27 0
A Uniform and Common Recollection : Joseph Smith's Legacy, Polygamy, and the Creation of Mormon Public Memory, 1852-2002 Taysom, Stephen C. 2002 Journal Article 13 38
Dimensions of Faith : A Mormon Studies Reader Taysom, Stephen C. 2011 Book 8 0
The Translator and the Ghostwriter : Joseph Smith and W. W. Phelps Brown, Samuel;Taysom, Stephen C. 2011 Book Chapter 5 0
"There Is Always a Way of Escape" : Continuity and Reconstitution in Nineteenth-Century Mormon Boundary Maintenance Strategies Taysom, Stephen C. 2006 Journal Article 4 38
'Satan Mourns Naked upon the Earth' : Locating Mormon Possession and Exorcism Rituals in the American Religious Landscape, 1830-1977 Taysom, Stephen C. 2017 Journal Article 4 0
Buckeye's Laments : Two Early Insider Exposes of Mormon Polygamy and Their Authorship Taysom, Stephen C.;Bergera, Gary James 2011 Book Chapter 3 0
Divine Resistance and Accommodation : Nineteenth-century Shaker and Mormon Boundary Maintenance Strategies Taysom, Stephen C. 2006 Dissertation 1 0
Abundant Events or Narrative Abundance : Robert Orsi and the Academic Study of Mormonism Taysom, Stephen C. 2012 Journal Article 1 0
Development : 1831-1844 Reeve, W. Paul;Parshall, Ardis E.;Taysom, Stephen C. 2010 Encyclopedia Article 1 0
Mormon Studies and Method : The Rigors of the Academic Study of Religion and the Maturity of Mormon Studies Taysom, Stephen C. 2014 Journal Article 1 2
Wilford Woodruff's Vision of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence Taysom, Stephen C.;Stuy, Brian H. 2011 Book Chapter 1 0
Re-Placing Memory : Latter-day Saint Use of Historical Monuments and Narrative in the Early Twentieth Century Flake, Kathleen;Taysom, Stephen C. 2011 Book Chapter 1 0
"Scandalous Films" : The Campaign to Suppress Anti-Mormon Motion Pictures, 1911-12 Cannon, Brian Q.;Taysom, Stephen C.;Olmstead, Jacob W. 2011 Book Chapter 1 0
Approaching the First Vision Saga Taysom, Stephen C. 2011 Journal Article 1 0
The Forms and the Power : The Development of Mormon Ritual Healing to 1847 Wright, Kristine;Taysom, Stephen C.;Stapley, Jonathan A. 2011 Book Chapter 0 1
Many Mansions : The Postmodern Critique and a New Faithful History Taysom, Stephen C.;Hartley, William G. 2004 Book Chapter 0 0
Like a Fiery Meteor: The Life of Joseph F. Smith Taysom, Stephen C. 2023 Book 0 96
"A uniform and common recollection": Plural marriage in Mormon public memory and historical consciousness, 1852-2002 Taysom, Stephen C. 2003 Dissertation 0 0
The Last Memory : Joseph F. Smith and Lieux de Mémoire in Late Nineteenth-Century Mormonism Taysom, Stephen C. 2015 Journal Article 0 2
The Private Versus Public David O. McKay : Profile of a Complex Personality Bringhurst, Newell G.;Taysom, Stephen C. 2011 Book Chapter 0 0
Building Community : The Fundamentalist Mormon Concept of Space Taysom, Stephen C.;Bradley-Evans, Martha Sonntag 2011 Book Chapter 0 0
Sex and Prophetic Power : A Comparison of John Humphrey Noyes, Founder of the Oneida Community, with Joseph Smith Jr., the Mormon Prophet Taysom, Stephen C.;Foster, Lawrence 2011 Book Chapter 0 0
Mormon Studies in a European Setting Davies, Douglas J.;Taysom, Stephen C. 2011 Book Chapter 0 0
A Mormon Bigfoot : David Patten's Cain and the Conception of Evil in LDS Folklore Taysom, Stephen C.;Bowman, Matthew 2011 Book Chapter 0 0
God's Chosen People : Mormon Representations of Judaism and the Jewish Other in Holocaust Literature Taysom, Stephen C.;Hill, Reinhold 2011 Book Chapter 0 0
Preaching the Gospel of Church and Sex : Mormon Women's Fiction in the Young Woman's Journal, 1889-1910 Taysom, Stephen C.;de Schweintz, Rebecca 2011 Book Chapter 0 0
Edward W. Tullidge and The Women of Mormondom Bushman, Claudia L.;Taysom, Stephen C. 2011 Book Chapter 0 0