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Davies, Douglas J.

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Title Authors Publication Date Publication Type Cited By Count Citation Count
The Mormon Culture of Salvation : Force, Grace, and Glory Davies, Douglas J. 2000 Book 79 0
An Introduction to Mormonism Davies, Douglas J. 2003 Book 44 0
Mormon Identities in Transition Davies, Douglas J. 1996 Book 29 0
Mormon Spirituality : Latter-day Saints in Wales and Zion Davies, Douglas J. 1987 Book 16 0
Joseph Smith, Jesus, and Satanic Opposition : Atonement, Evil, and the Mormon Vision Davies, Douglas J. 2010 Book 12 0
Neither Mormon nor Protestant? The Reorganized Church and the Challenge of Identity Davies, Douglas J.;Launius, Roger D. 1996 Book Chapter 7 0
The Book of Mormon Wars : A Non-Mormon Perspective Davies, Douglas J.;Introvigne, Massimo 1996 Book Chapter 6 11
Identity and Boundary Maintenance : International Prospects for Mormonism at the Dawn of the Twenty-first Century Davies, Douglas J.;Mauss, Armand L. 1996 Book Chapter 6 0
Mormonism in Black Africa Davies, Douglas J.;LeBaron, E. Dale 1996 Book Chapter 5 0
Issues in Contemporary Mormon Feminism Davies, Douglas J.;Anderson, Lynn M. 1996 Book Chapter 4 0
Must God be Incorporeal? Davies, Douglas J.;Paulsen, David L. 1996 Book Chapter 4 0
Gethsemane and Calvary in LDS Soteriology Davies, Douglas J. 2001 Journal Article 4 1
World Religion : Dynamics and Constraints Davies, Douglas J. 2005 Journal Article 4 6
World Religion : Dynamics and Constraints Davies, Douglas J.;Welch, John W. 2006 Book Chapter 3 0
Mormons and the Millennial World-View Davies, Douglas J.;Underwood, Grant 1996 Book Chapter 3 0
Aspects of Latter-Day Saint Eschatology Davies, Douglas J.;Hill, Michael 1973 Book Chapter 3 0
Coffee, Tea and the Ultra-Protestant and Jewish Nature of the Boundaries of Mormonism Davies, Douglas J.;Davies, Christie 1996 Book Chapter 3 0
The Holy Spirit in Mormonism Davies, Douglas J. 2009 Journal Article 2 9
Childhood in Early Nineteenth-Century Britain Reflected in Some LDS Sources Davies, Douglas J.;Thorp, Malcolm R. 1996 Book Chapter 2 0
Mormonism in Chile Davies, Douglas J.;Knowlton, David C. 1996 Book Chapter 2 0
The Death/Rebirth Mytheme in the Book of Mormon Davies, Douglas J.;Kunin, Seth D. 1996 Book Chapter 2 0
Mormon Studies in a European Setting Davies, Douglas J. 2001 Journal Article 2 4
The Mormons of Merthyr-Tydfil Davies, Douglas J. 1972 Dissertation 1 0
Magic and Mormon Religion Davies, Douglas J. 1996 Book Chapter 1 0
Does the Book of Mormon Support 'My Country Right or Wrong,' Just War or Pacifism? Davies, Douglas J.;Bolton, Andrew 1996 Book Chapter 1 0
Latter-day Saint Exceptionalism and Membership Growth Davies, Douglas J.;Duke, James T. 1996 Book Chapter 1 0
'Choose Ye This Day Whom Ye Will Serve' : Latter-day Saint Mothers' Reaction to a Church Leader's Instruction to Remain in the Home Davies, Douglas J.;Garrett, H. Dean;Chadwick, Bruce A. 1996 Book Chapter 1 0
India : A Synopsis of Cultural Challenges Davies, Douglas J.;Keller, Roger R. 1996 Book Chapter 1 0
An Overview of Mormonism and Mental Health Davies, Douglas J.;Judd, Daniel K. 1996 Book Chapter 1 0
Ethnic American Mormons : The Development of a Community Davies, Douglas J.;Embry, Jessie L. 1996 Book Chapter 1 0
Mormon History, Identity, and Faith Community Davies, Douglas J. 1989 Book Chapter 1 5
Mormon History, Text, Colour, and Rites Davies, Douglas J. 2007 Journal Article 1 0
Father, Jesus and Lucifer in Pre-Mortal Council Davies, Douglas J. 2010 Journal Article 1 9
Pilgrimage in Mormon Culture Davies, Douglas J.;Makhan, Jha 1991 Book Chapter 1 0
Mastery and Mystery Davies, Douglas J.;Jacobson, Cardell K.;Heaton, Tim B.;Hoffman, John P. 2008 Book Chapter 0 7
Visions, Revelations, and Courage in Joseph Smith Davies, Douglas J.;Givens, Terryl L.;Neilson, Reid L. 2009 Book Chapter 0 0
Mormon Studies : Progress and Prospects Davies, Douglas J.;Whittaker, David J. 1996 Book Chapter 0 0
'Companions and Forerunners' : English Romantics and the Restoration Davies, Douglas J.;Thomas, Gordon K. 1996 Book Chapter 0 0
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormonism) Davies, Douglas J.;Partridge, Christopher 2004 Book Chapter 0 0
Modernity, History and Latter-day Saint Faith Davies, Douglas J.;Midgley, Louis C. 1996 Book Chapter 0 0
Christianity Davies, Douglas J.;Holm, Jean;Bowker, John 1994 Book Chapter 0 0
Views of an International Religion Davies, Douglas J. 1996 Book Chapter 0 0
Commitment Making : Mate Selection Processes among Active Mormon American Couples Davies, Douglas J.;Holman, Thomas B. 1996 Book Chapter 0 0
Guilt, Fear, Anxiety and Love : Disciplinary Councils among Latter-day Saints Today Davies, Douglas J.;Hammarberg, Melvyn 1996 Book Chapter 0 0
The Invention of Sacred Tradition : Mormonism Davies, Douglas J. 2007 Book Chapter 0 0
Sacred Secrecy and the Latter-day Saints Davies, Douglas J. 2013 Journal Article 0 4
Restoration or Rebirth : Mormon and American Options of Authenticity Davies, Douglas J.;Baker, Jacob T. 2012 Book Chapter 0 0