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Historiography, New Mormon History

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The New Mormon History : Revisionist Essays on the Past Quinn, D. Michael 1992 Book 70 0
Historiography and the New Mormon History : A Historian's Perspective Alexander, Thomas G. 1986 Journal Article 29 13
Excavating Mormon Pasts : The New Historiography of the Last Half Century Bringhurst, Newell G.;Anderson, Lavina Fielding 2004 Book 27 0
Some Reflections on the New Mormon History Flanders, Robert B. 1974 Journal Article 24 0
Faithful History Bushman, Richard L. 1969 Journal Article 24 2
The New Mormon History Rischin, Moses 1969 Journal Article 23 0
The Challenge of Historical Consciousness : Mormon History and the Encounter with Secular Modernity Midgley, Louis C.;Ricks, Stephen D.;Lundquist, John M. 1990 Book Chapter 15 0
Toward a New Mormon History : An Examination of the Literature of the Latter-day Saints in the Far West Alexander, Thomas G.;Malone, Michael P. 1983 Book Chapter 15 0
Richard Lyman Bushman, the Story of Joseph Smith and Mormonism, and the New Mormon History Shipps, Jan 2007 Journal Article 15 0
Two Integrities : An Address to the Crisis in Mormon Historiography Marty, Martin E. 1983 Journal Article 14 5
From Old to New Mormon History : Fawn Brodie and the Legacy of Scholarly Analysis of Mormonism Bringhurst, Newell G.;Launius, Roger D. 1996 Book Chapter 13 0
Writing the Mormon Past Flanders, Robert B. 1966 Journal Article 11 18
Mormon Angles of Historical Vision : Some Maverick Reflections Mulder, William 1976 Journal Article 11 0
What's New in Mormon History : A Response to Jan Shipps Bushman, Richard L. 2007 Journal Article 11 0
The 'New Mormon History' Reassessed in Light of Recent Books on Joseph Smith and Mormon Origins Hill, Marvin S. 1988 Journal Article 10 27
The 'New Social History' and the 'New Mormon History' : Reflections on Recent Trends Launius, Roger D. 1994 Journal Article 10 0
The Case for the New Mormon History : Thomas G. Alexander and His Critics Bradford, M. Gerald 1988 Journal Article 9 50
The Acids of Modernity and the Crisis in Mormon Historiography Midgley, Louis C.;Smith, George D. 1992 Book Chapter 8 0
Two Integrities : An Address to the Crisis in Mormon Historiography Smith, George D.;Marty, Martin E. 1992 Book Chapter 8 0
No Higher Ground Bohn, David E. 1983 Journal Article 7 0
What We Will Do Now That New Mormon History is Old : A Roundtable Erekson, Keith A.;Reeve, W. Paul;Tait, Lisa Olsen;Cope, Rachel;Polk, Patrick A.;Jones, Megan Sanborn;Howlett, David J.;Harris, Amy;Fluhman, J. Spencer;Bowman, Matthew 2009 Journal Article 7 43
Out of the closet and into the fire : the new Mormon historians' take on polygamy Bringhurst, Newell G.;Bradley, Martha Sonntag 2004 Book Chapter 7 0
Since 1950 : Creators and Creations of Mormon History Bitton, Davis;Beecher, Maureen Ursenbach;Allen, James B. 1987 Book Chapter 7 0
Unfounded Claims and Impossible Expectations : A Critique of New Mormon History Smith, George D.;Bohn, David E. 1992 Book Chapter 7 0
Nauvoo and the New Mormon History : A Bibliographical Survey Poll, Richard D. 1978 Journal Article 6 6
Beyond the Problems of Exceptionalist History Peterson, Charles S.;Alexander, Thomas G. 1991 Book Chapter 6 0
The Long Honeymoon : Jan Shipps Among the Mormons Hansen, Klaus J. 2004 Journal Article 5 49
Can Deconstruction Save the Day? "Faithful Scholarship" and the Uses of Postmodernism Duffy, John-Charles 2008 Journal Article 5 27
The New Mormon History Edwards, Paul M. 1986 Journal Article 4 0
Faith and History Midgley, Louis C.;Millet, Robert L. 1987 Book Chapter 4 0
Secrets of the Mormons Davis, David Brion 1985 Journal Article 4 0
Reflections of a Mormon Historian : Leonard J. Arrington on the New Mormon History Arrington, Leonard J.;Neilson, Reid L.;Walker, Ronald W. 2006 Book 4 0
Some Reflections on the New Mormon History Flanders, Robert B.;Smith, George D. 1992 Book Chapter 4 0
Faithful History Bushman, Richard L.;Smith, George D. 1992 Book Chapter 4 0
Intellect and Faith : The Controversy Over Revisionist Mormon History Dobay, Clara V. 1994 Journal Article 4 0
Prophetic Messages or Dogmatic Theology? Commenting on the Book of Mormon : A Review Essay Midgley, Louis C. 1989 Journal Article 3 0
Advocacy and Inquiry in the Writing of Latter-day Saint History Honey, David B.;Peterson, Daniel C. 1991 Journal Article 3 20
The Larger Issue Bohn, David E. 1994 Journal Article 3 0
Our Own Agenda Bohn, David E. 1990 Journal Article 3 0
Mormon History and the Conundrum of Culture Bringhurst, Newell G.;Hansen, Klaus J. 2004 Book Chapter 3 0
The new Mormon women's history Bringhurst, Newell G.;Compton, Todd M. 2004 Book Chapter 3 0
Studies of Mormon fissiparousness : conflict, dissent, and schism in the early church Bringhurst, Newell G.;Jorgensen, Danny L. 2004 Book Chapter 3 0
Converting Mormon History Harris, Amy 2009 Journal Article 3 2
Context and the New-New Mormon History Bowman, Matthew 2009 Journal Article 3 15
Mormon Studies : The Emergence and State of the Field Mason, Patrick Q. 2016 Book Chapter 2 6
The New Mormon History Marshall, Richard Stephen 1977 Dissertation 2 0
Mormon Studies : A Bibliographic Essay Hodges, Blair D. 2014 Journal Article 2 23
Historians and the Mormon Experience : A Sesquicentennial Perspective Whittaker, David J. 1980 Book Chapter 2 0
Growth and internationalization : the LDS Church since 1945 Cannon, Donald Q.;Bringhurst, Newell G.;Mehr, Kahlile B.;Underwood, Grant;Neilson, Reid L.;Grover, Mark L. 2004 Book Chapter 2 0
On Writing Church History : Personal Reflections on Writing, Publishing, and Republishing The Story of the Latter-day Saints Allen, James B. 2015 Journal Article 2 6