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An 'Inside-Outsider' In Zion Shipps, Jan 1982 Journal Article 13 0
The Public Image of Sen. Reed Smoot, 1902-32 Shipps, Jan 1977 Journal Article 12 9
'Is Mormonism Christian?' Reflections on a Complicated Question Shipps, Jan 1993 Journal Article 12 8
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The Scattering of the Gathered and the Gathering of the Scattered : The Mormon Diaspora in the Mid-Twentieth Century Shipps, Jan 2014 Book Chapter 8 0
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Surveying the Mormon Image Since 1960 Shipps, Jan 2001 Journal Article 7 0
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A Little Known Account of the Murders of Joseph and Hyrum Smith Shipps, Jan;Bliss, H. H. 1974 Journal Article 5 0
Dangerous History : Laurel Ulrich and Her Mormon Sisters Shipps, Jan 1993 Journal Article 5 0
Brigham Young and His Times : A Continuing Force in Mormonism Shipps, Jan 1984 Journal Article 5 0
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Prophets and Prophecy in the Mormon Tradition(s) Shipps, Jan 2006 Journal Article 4 10
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