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A Study Concerning the Mission of the Week-Day Religious Educational Program of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from 1890-1990 : A Response to Secular Education Fowles, John L. 1990 Dissertation 1
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Religious and Secular Correlates of the Latter-day Saint Family Home Evening Program Mauss, Gordon E. 1969 Dissertation 1
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The Book of Mormon Witnesses and Their Challenge to Secularism Peterson, Daniel C. 2018 Journal Article 9
Community of Christ and the Decline of American Religion : A Study of the Sociology of Secularization Jorgensen, Danny L. 2019 Journal Article
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The September Six : Deployments and Disruptions of the Secular/Religious Binary in Latter-day Saints Rhetoric Hermanson, Katrina M. 2016 Journal Article
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The Challenge of Sharing Religious Beliefs in a Global Setting David M. Kennedy Center for International Studies, BYU 2000 Book
Twentieth-Century Mormonism and the Secular Establishment Shipps, Jan 1988 Book
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