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Phillips, Rick

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Rethinking the International Expansion of Mormonism Phillips, Rick 2006 Journal Article 28 0
Mormons in the United States 1990-2008: Socio-demographic Trends and Regional Differences Kosmin, Barry A.;Keysar, Ariela;Cragun, Ryan T.;Phillips, Rick 2008 Dissertation 10 19
Contemporary Mormon Religiosity and the Legacy of "Gathering" Phillips, Rick 2013 Journal Article 7 55
Conservative Christian Identity and Same-Sex Orientation : The Case of Gay Mormons Phillips, Rick 2005 Book 6 20
"De Facto Congregationalism" and Mormon Missionary Outreach : An Ethnographic Case Study Phillips, Rick 2008 Journal Article 6 0
The 'Secularization' of Utah and Religious Competition Phillips, Rick 1999 Journal Article 3 0
Religious Market Share and Mormon Church Activity Phillips, Rick 1998 Journal Article 3 0
Vestige of Zion : Mormonism in Utah Phillips, Rick 2020 Book Chapter 1 83
Can Rising Rates of Church Participation be a Consequence of Secularization? Phillips, Rick 2004 Journal Article 0 0
Saintmaking and Saintbreaking : An Empirical Analysis of the Mormon Experience Phillips, Rick 2014 Dissertation 0 0
Saints in Zion, saints in Babylon : religious pluralism and the transformation of Mormon culture Phillips, Rick 2014 Dissertation 0 0