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Leone, Mark P.

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Title Authors Publication Date Publication Type Cited By Count Citation Count
Roots of Modern Mormonism Leone, Mark P. 1979 Book 79 0
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The Economic Basis for the Evolution of Mormon Religion Zaretsky, Irving I.;Leone, Mark P. 1974 Book Chapter 11 0
Why the Coalville Tabernacle had to be Razed Leone, Mark P. 1973 Journal Article 11 1
The Evolution of Mormon Culture in Eastern Arizona Leone, Mark P. 1972 Journal Article 6 10
Archeology as the Science of Technology : Mormon Town Plans and Fences Redman, Charles L.;Leone, Mark P. 1973 Book Chapter 5 0
The Mormon Temple Experience Leone, Mark P. 1978 Journal Article 3 0
Mormon 'Peculiarity' : Recapitulation and Subordination Castile, George P.;Leone, Mark P.;Kushner, Gilbert 1981 Book Chapter 3 0
The New Mormon Temple in Washington, D.C. Leone, Mark P.;Ferguson, Leland 1977 Book Chapter 2 0
Measurement of Mormon Values Leone, Mark P. 1970 Report 1 0
An Anthropological View of Great Basin Kingdom Alexander, Thomas G.;Leone, Mark P. 1991 Book Chapter 0 0