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The Woman's Exponent : Forty-Two years of Speaking for Women Bennion, Sherilyn Cox 1976 Journal Article 27 10
A Mormon Woman in Victorian America Madsen, Carol Cornwall 1985 Dissertation 21 0
'Remember the Women of Zion :' A Study of the Editorial Content of the Woman's Exponent : A Mormon Woman's Journal Madsen, Carol Cornwall 1977 Dissertation 16 0
"Redeemed from the Curse Placed upon Her" : Dialogic Discourse on Eve in the Woman's Exponent Petersen, Boyd 2014 Journal Article 9 10
Sisters under the Skin : Utah's Mormon and Non-Mormon Women and Their Publications Bennion, Sherilyn Cox 1993 Journal Article 8 3
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Louisa Lula Greene Richards : Woman Journalist of the Early West Arrington, Leonard J. 1969 Journal Article 6 0
Poetry and the Private Lives : Newspaper Verse on the Mormon Frontier Beecher, Maureen Ursenbach 1985 Journal Article 5 3
Woman's Exponent : A Utah Ladies' Journal Sons of Utah Pioneers 2008 Journal Article 5 0
Biblical Women in the Woman's Exponent : Nineteenth-Century Mormon Women Interpret the Bible Easton-Flake, Amy 2017 Book Chapter 5 0
My Short Happy Life with Exponent II Bushman, Claudia L.;Ulrich, Laurel Thatcher;Dredge, Nancy;Sheldon, Carrel H. 2003 Journal Article 5 0
Lula Greene Richards : Utah's First Woman Editor Bennion, Sherilyn Cox 1981 Journal Article 4 2
Rhetoric and Ritual : A Decade of "Woman's Exponent" Death Poetry Turley, Kylie Nielson 2006 Journal Article 4 0
Reports from the Field : The World of the Woman's Exponent Bushman, Claudia L.;Dant, Doris R.;Walker, Ronald W. 1999 Book Chapter 3 0
Louisa Lula Greene Richards : 'Remember the Women of Zion' Burgess-Olson, Vicky;Madsen, Carol Cornwall 1978 Book Chapter 3 0
Women and the Book of Mormon : The Creation and Negotiation of a Latter-Day Saint Tradition Morrill, Susanna;Grieve, Gregory P.;Engler, Steven 2005 Book Chapter 3 5
The Woman's Exponent Malouf, Beatrice B.;Olsen, Emma R. 1994 Journal Article 2 0
The Woman's Exponent, 1872-1914 : Champion for 'The Rights of the Women of Zion and the Rights of Women of all Nations' Solomon, Martha M.;Peterson, Tarla Rai 1991 Book Chapter 2 0
To the Branches of the Relief Society Snow, Eliza R. 1884 Journal Article 2 0
Emmeline B. Wells : Mormon Feminist and Journalist Ware, Susan;Arrington, Leonard J. 1998 Book Chapter 2 0
The New Northwest and Woman's Exponent : Early Voices for Suffrage Bennion, Sherilyn Cox 1977 Journal Article 1 0
Woman's Exponent : Cradle of Literary Culture among Early Mormon Women Page, Alfene 1988 Dissertation 1 0
Comparing themes of polygamy in Mormon women's public and personal writings as found in the 'Woman's Exponent' and their diaries during the Edmunds Act, the Edmunds-Tucker Act, and the Manifesto Johnson-Bennion, Daniela Dorothy 2000 Dissertation 1 0
Louisa Lula Greene Richards Lina Mainiero;Madsen, Carol Cornwall 1981 Book Chapter 1 0
Historic Mormon Feminist Discourse--Excerpts Hanks, Maxine 1992 Book Chapter 1 0
Voices in Print : The Woman's Exponent, 1872-1914 Madsen, Carol Cornwall;Anderson, Dawn H.;Cornwall, Marie 1992 Book Chapter 1 0
Woman Arise! : Political Work in the Writings of Lu Dalton Bench, Sheree Maxwell 2002 Dissertation 1 0
Early Mormon Sisterhood Madsen, Carol Cornwall 1978 Journal Article 0 0
The Woman's Exponent and Pioneer Christmas Stories Harris, Mary N. Porter;Eckman, Anne M. 2003 Journal Article 0 0
The Mormon Answer to the Woman Question : Rhetorical Community in the Woman's Exponent, 1872-1950 Frandsen, Naomi 2003 Dissertation 0 0
History : A Journey of Discovery Madsen, Carol Cornwall 1999 Journal Article 0 0
For the Sake of Religion Bennion, Sherilyn Cox 1990 Book Chapter 0 0
Index to the Writings of Helen Mar Whitney in the Woman's Exponent Bashore, Melvin L. 1975 Book 0 0
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"Last at the Cross": Teachings about Christ’s Crucifixion in the Woman’s Exponent, the Relief Society Magazine, and the Young Woman’s Journal Hilton, John, III;Harper, Rachel;Vincent, Jesse 2022 Journal Article 0 7
Polygamous Family Life and Geographic Isolation: The Poetry of Esther Ann Birch Bennion Bennion, John 2022 Journal Article 0 14
Discovering the Woman's Exponent Kohler, Susan W. 2016 Journal Article 0 1
"We Are the Women of Utah" : The Utah Woman's Press Club's Framing Strategies in the Woman's Exponent Olson, Candi S. Carter 2017 Journal Article 0 0