Studies in Mormon History

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Diary of Samuel Pitchforth, 1857-1868 Pitchforth, Samuel, 1826-1877 1961 Book 1
Life of George F. Richards Richards, George F. 1965 Book
History of the Life of Oliver B. Huntington, Written by Himself, 1878-1900 Huntington, Oliver B. 1971 Book 2
The Family of Auer Winchester Proctor Brandley, Marian Proctor, Ericksen, Ferdinand, 1863-1927, Hansen, Peter Olsen, 1818-1895, Kiddle, Elizabeth Proctor, Proctor, Clementina Beatrice, 1886-1963 1973 Book
The Long Road to California Arms, Cephas, 1811-1883 1985 Book
LDS Plural Marriage and the Beliefs of Contemporary Mormons : History and Myth Stevens, Daphne E. 1998 Dissertation 1
Transformation of the Mormon Culture Region Yorgason, Ethan Robert 2003 Book 23 124
Joseph Smith and His Royal Lineage : A Blood Descendant of Jesus Christ Fowler, R. Merle 2006 Book
Who Are the Children of Lehi? DNA and the Book of Mormon Meldrum, D. Jeffrey, Stephens, Trent D. 2007 Book 2
Mormonism in Dialogue with Contemporary Christian Theologies Musser, Donald W., Paulsen, David L. 2007 Book 13
Love Letters of Joseph and Emma Eschler, Angela 2008 Book
Pioneering the West, 1846 to 1878 : Major Howard Egan's Diary : Also, Thrilling Experiences of Pre-frontier Life Among Indians, Their Traits, Civil and Savage, and Part of Autobiography, Inter-related to his Father's Egan, Howard, Egan, William M. 2008 Book 24
Of God and Gods Ostler, Blake T. 2008 Book 4
Innocent Blood : A Documentary History of the Mountain Meadows Massacre Bagley, Will, Bigler, David L. 2008 Book 3
Amasa Mason Lyman, Mormon Apostle and Apostate : A Study in Dedication Lyman, Edward Leo 2009 Book 12 256
Ordinary Words : Towards a New Understanding of the 19th Century Mormon Male Diary Jordan, Sara 2010 Book
Zion's Trumpet : 1850 Welsh Mormon Periodical Dennis, Ronald D. 2011 Book 1
The Internationalization of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Morris, Brad 11-Sep-72 Report
Joseph Smith -- Prophet Teacher Hunter, Howard W. 15-Dec-60 Report
Canada's Brigham Young : The Life of Charles O. Card Anonymous 17 May 2012 Journal Article 1
An Evaluation of Joseph Smith and His Work Sperry, Sidney B. 17-Dec-47 Report
The Teaching of the Prophet Joseph Smith Bushman, Richard L. 18-Jan-76 Report 4
View of the Hebrews, or, The Tribes of Israel in America Smith, Ethan 1825 Book 13
Mormonites Benton, A. W. 1831 Journal Article 6
Some Thing New--The Golden Bible Burnet, David S. 1831 Journal Article 1
Sidney Rigdon Campbell, Alexander 1831 Journal Article
Vicissitudes Illustrated, in the Experience of Nancy Towle, in Europe and America Towle, Nancy 1832 Book 3
Delusions : An Analysis of the Book of Mormon ; with an Examination of Its internal and External Evidences, and a Refutation of Its pretences to Divine Authority Campbell, Alexander 1832 Book 40
A Book of Commandments for the Government of the Church of Christ Smith, Joseph, Jr. 1833 Book 38
Mormonism Unvailed : Or, a Faithful Account of That Singular Imposition and Delusion From Its Rise to the Present Time Howe, Eber D. 1834 Book 125
The Book of Mormon Whitman, Jason 1834 Journal Article 1
Early Scenes and Incidents in the Church [Letters to W. W. Phelps] Cowdery, Oliver 1835 Journal Article 2
Record of the Twelve, 14 February - 28 August 1835 Hyde, Orson, McLellin, William E. 1835 Book 1
A Few Interesting Facts, Respecting the Rise Progress and Pretensions of the Mormons West, William S. 1837 Book
Mormonism Unveiled : Zion's Watchman Unmasked Pratt, Parley P. 1838 Book 22
History of the Late Persecution Inflicted by the State of Missouri Upon the Mormons Pratt, Parley P. 1839 Book 26
A Brief History of the Church of Christ of Latter Day Saints (Commonly Called Mormons) Corrill, John 1839 Book 62
Facts Relative to the Expulsion of the Mormons, or Latter-day Saints from the State of Missouri, under the 'Exterminating Order' Greene, John Portineus 1839 Book 23
A Brief History of The Church of Jesus Christ, of Latter Day Saints, from Their Rise until the Present Time Bishop, Francis Gladden 1839 Book 16
The Mormon Bible Davison, Matilda Spaulding 1839 Journal Article 4
Outrages of Missouri Mobs on Mormons Channing, William Henry 1839 Journal Article
Diary of Samuel Whitney Richards Richards, Samuel W. 1839 Book 1
The Origin of the Spaulding Story Winchester, Benjamin 1840 Book 10
An Appeal to the American People Rigdon, Sidney 1840 Book 16
A[n] Interesting Account of Several Remarkable Visions, And of the Late Discovery of Ancient American Records Pratt, Orson 1840 Book 21
Journal of Heber C. Kimball Kimball, Heber Chase, 1801-1868 1840 Book 9
Late Persecution of the Church of Jesus Christ, of Latter Day Saints Pratt, Parley P. 1840 Book 7
Late persecution of the Church of Jesus Christ, of Latter Day Saints Pratt, Parley P. 1840 Book 1
Mormonism Exposed, Being a Journal of a Residence in Missouri from the 28th of May to the 20th of August, 1838 Swartzell, William 1840 Book 7
Mormonism Unmasked, Showed to be an Impious Imposture, and Mr. Bennett’s Reply Answered and Refuted Philanthropist of Chester County 1840 Book 1