Studies in Mormon History

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Doctrine and Covenants Section 110 : From Vision to Canonization Reeve, W. Paul 2010 Dissertation
Francis Gladden Bishop and Gladdenism : A Study in the Culture of a Mormon Dissenter and His Movement Saunders, Richard L. 1989 Dissertation 3
A Comparison of Passages from Isaiah and Other Old Testament Prophets in Ethan Smith's View of the Hebrews and the Book of Mormon Riley, William L. 1971 Dissertation 2
Recent Jewish Movement in Israel in Light of the Teachings of the Latter-day Saint Prophets Tingey, Dale Thomas 1955 Dissertation 1
Leona Holbrook : Her Influences and Contributions Rasmus, Carolyn J. 1973 Dissertation
Ricks College : A Struggle for Survival Roundy, Jerry C. 1975 Dissertation 5
A Readership Study of the Instructor Magazine Young, Vern Maeser 1970 Dissertation 1
The Millenarian World of Early Mormonism Underwood, Grant 1988 Dissertation 2
A History of the Development and Objectives of the LDS Church News Section of the Deseret News Roberts, Paul T. 1983 Dissertation
The History of the Hill Cumorah Pageant, 1937-1964, and an Examination of the Dramatic Development of the Text of America's Witness for Christ Whitman, Charles W. 1967 Dissertation 1
Zion and the State : Religious Principles in the Political Posture of the Mormon Church Vincenti, Sheldon Arnold 1960 Dissertation
Poetic Language in Nineteenth Century Mormonism : A Study of Semiotic Phenomenology in Communication and Culture Takayama, Machiko 1990 Dissertation
Theodore Turley Mission Journal, 1839-1840 Turley, Theodore 1982 Dissertation
Interest Group Influence on Sex Education Policy in Utah : A Cultural Perspective Terry, Thomas H. 1995 Dissertation
Mormonism in a Maori Village : A Study in Social Change Schwimmer, Erik Gabriel 1965 Dissertation 4
'A Little Oasis in the Desert' : Community Building in Hurricane, Utah, 1860-1930 Reeve, W. Paul 1994 Dissertation 1
Looking Back With Faith : Experiences of African-American Mormon Converts Previous to the Revelation of 1978 Wheeler, Hillary Margrette 1997 Dissertation
The Mormon Waldensians Stokoe, Diane 1985 Dissertation 4
The Life and Contributions of Lyman Wight Wightman, Philip C. 1971 Dissertation 5
Nellie Nash : (A Pioneer Biography of Mrs. Ellen Elvira Nash Parkinson, Wife of William Chandler Parkinson) Sandberg, Carma L. 1959 Dissertation 1
A Comparison of the Mission Programs Used in Three Language Training Missions of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Wallgren, Rawn Arthur 1975 Dissertation
An Essay in Philosophical Mormon Theology Sears, Lannie Rex 1996 Dissertation 1
A Critical Study of Latter-day Saint Poetry from 1847-1877 Washburn, J. N. 1936 Dissertation 2
The Early Development of the Pocatello-Fort Hall Region York, Dorothy Jean 1955 Dissertation
Parley P. Christensen, a Political Biography, 1869-1954 Sillito, John R. 1977 Dissertation 1
The Religious Environment in Which Mormonism Arose Tanner, George S. 1931 Dissertation 3
The Great Basin before the Coming of the Mormons Snow, William J. 1923 Dissertation 1
History of Catholic Education in Utah Victoires, Sister Marie Des 1929 Dissertation
Village in the Desert : The Aaronite Community of Eskdale Speirs, Allan C., Jr. 1966 Dissertation
The Establishment and Early History of Fort Laramie, Wyoming Smith, Francis Wager 1917 Dissertation
An Exploration of Recent Religious Conversion on Guam Walden, David M. 1978 Dissertation
The Mormons as a Factor in the Development of the Public School System of Arizona Smith, William Cooke 1929 Dissertation
Congregational Singing in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Webb, Ina T. 1931 Dissertation
A Quantitative Analysis of Matthew Cowley's Use of the Illustrative Method of Oral Support Young, Kenneth L. 1966 Dissertation
The History and Development of the Latter-day Saints High School White, Richard Tolton 1960 Dissertation
The Mormon 'Gathering,' Its Origins, Power, and Transition as a Key Concept in Latter-day Saint History Warren, David S. 1966 Dissertation
Those Who Labor in the Earth : The Families and Farms of Fountain Green, Illinois, 1830-1880 Rugh, Susan Sessions 1993 Dissertation 1
Latter-day Saint Meeting Places, 1820-1844 : A Socio-historical Analysis of Form and Function Olsen, L. Shane 2004 Dissertation
The Operation of the Salt Lake Theater, 1862-1875 Todd, Therald Francis 1973 Dissertation 4
The Mormons and the Drama Thrope, William Henry 1921 Dissertation 1
Sister-Wives and Suffragists : Polygamy and the Politics of Woman Suffrage, 1870-1896 Van Wagenen, Lola 1994 Dissertation 19
Mormon Economics 1830 to 1900 : The Interaction of Ideas and Environment Thompson, Stephen J. 1973 Dissertation 1
Relationships Between Foster Home Placement and Later Acculturation Patterns of Selected American Indians Smith, Robert Dean 1968 Dissertation 2
A History of the Lutheran Church in Utah Stellhorn, Ronnie Lee 1975 Dissertation 3
Two Paths to Utopia : An Investigation of Robert Owen in New Lanark and Brigham Young in Salt Lake City Thrift, Ronald Edwin 1976 Dissertation 1
An Investigation of Influences on Representative Examples of Mormon Art Smedley, Delbert Waddoups 1939 Dissertation 2
The Missouri River Towns in the Westward Movement Wyman, Walker D. 1935 Dissertation 1
A Missionary's Memoirs : Mongolia Revisited Smith, Isaac 2004 Dissertation
Buffalo Bill in a Boiled Shirt : The Salt Lake Theater, 1869-1874 Scanlon, Lee E. 1979 Dissertation
Eternalism, The Philosophical Basis of Mormon Education Wiscombe, Arthur C. 1963 Dissertation 1