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Smith, Wilford E.

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Mormon Sex Standards on College Campuses, or Deal Us out of the Sexual Revolution! Smith, Wilford E. 1976 Journal Article 11 1
A Comparative Study of Indulgence of Mormon and Non-Mormon Students in Certain Social Practices Which are Authoritatively Condemned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Smith, Wilford E. 1952 Dissertation 4 0
The Urban Threat to Mormon Norms Smith, Wilford E. 1959 Journal Article 4 1
Some Positive Functions of War Smith, Wilford E. 1969 Journal Article 2 0
The Constancy of Mormon Chastity Smith, Wilford E. 1974 Book Chapter 1 0
Morality on the Campus Smith, Wilford E. 1968 Journal Article 1 0
Social Disorganization and Deviant Behavior Smith, Wilford E. 1974 Book 0 0
Sociological Perspectives on Mormon Sexuality : A Postscript Mauss, Armand L.;Christensen, Harold T.;Smith, Wilford E. 1976 Journal Article 0 0
Sexual Behavior of Selected College Students 1949-50 and 1960 Smith, Wilford E. 1966 Report 0 0
An Ecological Study of L.D.S. Orthodoxy : As Judged by Bishops and by Professed Absence from Forbidden Word of Wisdom Items in 1041 L.D.S. Homes Smith, Wilford E. 1958 Report 0 0