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Riess, Jana K.

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Title Authors Publication Date Publication Type Cited By Count Citation Count
The Next Mormons : How Millennials Are Changing the LDS Church Riess, Jana K. 2019 Book 41 64
Mormonism and American Politics (Religion, Culture, and Public Life) Riess, Jana K.;Balmer, Randall 2015 Book 9 116
Heathen in our Fair Land : Anti-polygamy and Protestant Women's Mission to Utah, 1869--1910 Riess, Jana K. 2000 Dissertation 4 0
Heathen in Our Fair Land' : Presbyterian Women Missionaries in Utah, 1870-90 Riess, Jana K. 2000 Journal Article 4 11
Stripling Warriors Choose the Right : The Cultural Engagements of Contemporary Mormon Kitsch Riess, Jana K. 1999 Journal Article 2 4
The Word of Wisdom in Contemporary American Mormonism : Perceptions and Practice Knoll, Benjamin;Ferguson, John E., III;Riess, Jana K. Journal Article 2 12
Comprehending the Book of Mormon through Its Editors Riess, Jana K. 2016 Journal Article 2 1
"Infected With Doubt" : An Empirical Overview of Belief and Non-belief in Contemporary American Mormonism Knoll, Benjamin;Riess, Jana K. 2017 Journal Article 2 0
Mormon Popular Culture Riess, Jana K. 2015 Book Chapter 1 14
Changing Religious and Social Attitudes of Mormon Millennials in Contemporary American Society Knoll, Benjamin;Riess, Jana K. 2020 Book Chapter 1 4
Does Being Liberal Push Some Members Out of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? Knoll, Benjamin;Riess, Jana K. 2021 Journal Article 1 6
Jana Riess Riess, Jana K. 2003 Journal Article 0 0
Richard Bushman and the Future of Mormon Teaching Riess, Jana K. 2017 Book Chapter 0 0
Polygamy in the Nation's Capitol : Protestant Women and the 1899 Campaign against B.H. Roberts Riess, Jana K. 2016 Book Chapter 0 21
Art and Artifice : The Role of Memoir in Mormon Identity Formation Riess, Jana K. 2016 Book Chapter 0 16
Mormon Publishing Comes into Its Own Riess, Jana K. 1991 Journal Article 0 0
Social Science Perspectives on Gender and Mormon Orthodoxy Knoll, Benjamin;Riess, Jana K. 2020 Book Chapter 0 10
A Question of Authority Riess, Jana K. 2023 Journal Article 0 5