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Huntington, Ray L.

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From Kirtland, Ohio, to Far West, Missouri : Following the Trail of the Mormon Mummies Huntington, Ray L.;Wilson, Keith J. 2001 Journal Article 1 11
“Eighteen Hundred and Froze to Death” : Mount Tambora, New England Weather, and the Joseph Smith Family in 1816 Cannon, Donald Q.;Whitchurch, David M.;Huntington, Ray L. 2004 Book Chapter 0 0
The Huntington Family : New York Beginnings Freeman, Robert C.;Huntington, Ray L.;Baugh, Alexander L.;Hedges, Andrew H. 2002 Book Chapter 0 0
William Huntington : The Iowa Experience Huntington, Ray L. 1996 Journal Article 0 0
Revisiting William Tyndale, Father of the English Bible Marsh, W. Jeffrey;Huntington, Ray L. 2011 Journal Article 0 0
The Enhanced Lecture : An Effective Classroom Model Hopkin, Shon D.;Huntington, Ray L. 2014 Journal Article 0 0
Muslims among Mormons : Perspectives on Muslim Students Attending Brigham Young University Hopkin, Shon D.;Huntington, Ray L. 2015 Journal Article 0 0
A Community of Christ Perspective on the JST Research of Robert J. Matthews : An Interview with Ronald E. Romig Hauglid, Brian M.;Huntington, Ray L. 2004 Journal Article 0 0
Robert J. Matthews and His Work with the Joseph Smith Translation Hauglid, Brian M.;Huntington, Ray L. 2004 Journal Article 0 0