Mormon Women's Studies Resource Bibliography

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Title Authors Date
TOC, Letters, Notes, Reviews, and Contributors 2010
Calling the First Women Missionaries 2010
Niece of the Prophet and First Poet Laureate of California: Ina Coolbrith 2008
Women as a Force in Utah History 2004
Amelia Malloy Holst Peterson 2004
Remembering the Wives of Joseph Smith 2004
Discoveries two centuries of poems by Mormon women 2004
Changes in LDS Hymns: Implications and Opportunities 2003
Reflecting Upon Lives of Women of Mormon Battalion 2003
Ellen Pucell Unthank 2002
Development Assistance and Humanitarian Aid: The LDS Perspective 2001
Pioneer Women of Carbon County 2001
Pioneers of San Juan County: Sarah Williams Perkins 2001
Norma Baldwin Ricketts 1998
I Could Hardly Hold the Pen 1983
President Brigham Young "Santiago" 1889
Emma Smith--'Elect Lady' "W. J. R." 1977
First Sight of the Desert: Discovering the Art of Ella Peacock Abajian, Kathryn J. 2005
Ella Smyth Peacock: Seeking her place in the world Abajian, Kathryn J. 1999
Women Legislators of Utah, 1896-1993 Abbott, Delila M. White, Beverly J. 1976
Memories: Maria Luella Redd Adams Adams, Maria Luella Redd 1981
They Remember When: Examples of Female Childhood in Southeastern Idaho During the Early Nineteen Hundreds Adams, Sarah E. 1996
Education for Women: The Utah Legacy Adix, Shauna M. 1977
Women's Work at Home and in the Market Place Albers, Patricia C. 1983
Parley Pratt Parker and Rhoda Lee Albretsen, Irene L. Parker 2004
L'Deane Trueblood-- A Woman for Our Times Alder, Elaine Reiser 1998
Cooperation, Conflict, and Compromise: Women, Men, and the Environment in Salt Lake City, 1890-1930 Alexander, Thomas G. 1995
An Experiment in Progressive Legislation: The Granting of Woman Suffrage in Utah in 1870 Alexander, Thomas G. 1970
Hawaii's Last Queen Joined the Church Allen, Helena G. 1983
'Provoking the Brethren to Good Works': Susa Young Gates, the Relief Society, and Genealogy Allen, James B.; Embry, Jessie L. 1991
Hearts Turned to the Fathers: A History of the Genealogical Society of Utah, 1894-1994 Allen, James B.; Embry,Jessie L.; Mehr, Kahlile 1994
Men with a Mission: The Quorum of the Twelve Apostles in the British Isles 1837-1841 Allen, James B.; Esplin, Ronald K.; Whittaker, David J. 1992
Wife #19, Etc Allmendinger, Blake 1998
Janet Griffin Lee Allred, Diana Lee; Ekeroth, Jan Nelson ass t. 1997
Alice Ludlow Wilkinson Anderson, Alice W.; Jensen, Marian W. 1997
Women and the Power within--To See Life Steadily and See it Whole: Talks Selected from the 1990 BYU Women's Conference Anderson, Dawn H.; Cornwall, Marie 1991
To Rejoice as Women: Talks from the 1994 Women's Conference Anderson, Dawn H.; Green, Susette F. 1995
Women and Christ: Living the Abundant Life: Talks Selected from the 1992 Women's Conference Sponsored by Brigham Young University and the Relief Society Anderson, Dawn H.; Green, Susette F.; Cornwall, Marie 1993
Joseph Smith's Quorum of the Anointed, 1842-1845 Anderson, Devery S. (Editor)
Bergera, Gary James (Editor)
Association History: Weber County Anderson, Edward H. 1882
American Women and Conservative Religion in the Post-War Decades: Southern Baptists and Mormon Women's Magazines, 1945-1975 Anderson, John Ryan 1986
Masks and Music: Recent Fiction by Mormon Women Writers Anderson, Lavina Fielding 1993
The Grammar of Inequity Anderson, Lavina Fielding 1990
In the Garden God Hath Planted Anderson, Lavina Fielding 1990
A Strenuous Business: The Achievement of Helen Candland Stark Anderson, Lavina Fielding 1990
A 'Salt of the Earth' Lady: Martha Cragun Cox Anderson, Lavina Fielding 1985
Ministering Angels: Single Women in Mormon Society Anderson, Lavina Fielding 1983
Mary Fielding Smith: Her Ox Goes Marching On Anderson, Lavina Fielding 1981
Mormon Women and the Struggle for Definition: Contemporary Women Anderson, Lavina Fielding 1981
Lucinda Lee Dalton: A Tough Kind of Testimony Anderson, Lavina Fielding 1978