Studies in Mormon History

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When Buffalo Bill Came to Utah Rogers, Brent M. Spring 2019 Journal Article 14
Ogden's Forgotten City Hospital Grima, John Spring 2019 Journal Article 4
Cooperation and Competition : Community Building Among Farmers in Providence, Utah, 1940-1960 Howard, Amy C. Spring 2019 Journal Article 8
Thomas Aquinas Meets Joseph Smith : Toward a Mormon Ethics of Natural Law Checketts, Levi Spring 2018 Journal Article 6
Remember Me : Discursive Needlework and the Sewing Sampler of Patty Bartlett Sessions Dearing, Stacey Spring 2018 Journal Article 4
The Crimson Cowboys : The Remarkable Odyssey of the 1931 Claflin-Emerson Expedition Aton, James M., Spangler, Jerry D. Spring 2018 Journal Article 1
Small but Significant : The School of Nursing at Provo General Hospital, 1904-1924 Aird, Polly Spring 2018 Journal Article 1 2
The Mountain Men, the Cartographers, and the Lakes Wysong, Sheri Spring 2018 Journal Article 6
Remembering Topaz and Wendover Heimburger, Christian Spring 2018 Journal Article
Voices from Drug Court : Community-Based Oral History at Utah State University Williams, Randy Spring 2018 Journal Article
In Memoriam : David Louis Bigler, 1927-2018 Aird, Polly Spring 2018 Journal Article
Redd Slave Histories : Family, Race, and Sex in Pioneer Utah Reiter, Tonya Spring 2017 Journal Article 8
Hoop Mania : Fashion, Identity, and Religious Condemnation in Nineteenth-Century Utah Hill, Michelle Spring 2017 Journal Article 26
Chained Stores : Utah's First Referendum and the Battle over Local Autonomy Moore, Ted Spring 2017 Journal Article
"When You Wish Upon a Star": The Musical Legacy of Utah Composer Leigh Harline Brimhall, Dawn Retta, Brimhall, Sandra Dawn Spring 2017 Journal Article 5
The Park City to Fort Thornburgh Road O'Neil, Floyd A., O'Neil, Shauna Spring 2017 Journal Article
Joseph Smith's Introduction to the Law : The 1819 Hurlbut Case Walker, Jeffrey N. Spring 2010 Journal Article 2
A Historical Note on Joseph Smith's 1836 Visit to the East India Marine Society Museum in Salem ,Massachusetts Baugh, Alexander L. Spring 2010 Journal Article 1 9
Herstories : Ten Autobiographical Narratives of RLDS Women Jorgensen, Danny L., Wilson, Joni September, 2013 Book 4 28
The Council of Fifty : What the Records Reveal about Mormon History Grow, Matthew J., Smith, R. Eric September 4, 2017 Book
The Separatist Impulse in the Nauvoo Council of Fifty Bushman, Richard L. September 4, 2017 Book Chapter
Injustices Leading to the Creation of the Council of Fifty Turley, Richard E., Jr. September 4, 2017 Book Chapter 4
The Council of Fifty and Joseph Smith's Presidential Ambitions McBride, Spencer W. September 4, 2017 Book Chapter 7
God and the People Reconsidered : Further Reflections on Theodemocracy in Early Mormonism Mason, Patrick Q. September 4, 2017 Book Chapter 1 6
The Council of Fifty and the Perils of Democratic Governance Park, Benjamin E. September 4, 2017 Book Chapter 4
"We, The People of the Kingdom of God" : Constitution Writing in the Council of Fifty Oman, Nathan B. September 4, 2017 Book Chapter 11
Lost Teachings of Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, and Other Church Leaders Dirkmaat, Gerrit John September 4, 2017 Book Chapter
Insights Into Mormon Record-Keeping Practices from the Council of Fifty Minutes Smith, R. Eric September 4, 2017 Book Chapter 7
"To Carry Out Joseph's Measures is Sweeter to Me than Honey" : Brigham Young and the Council of Fifty Bradford, Marilyn, Grow, Matthew J. September 4, 2017 Book Chapter 4
American Indians and the Nauvoo-Era Council of Fifty Mahas, Jeffrey September 4, 2017 Book Chapter 11
A Monument of the Saints' Industry : The Nauvoo House and the Council of Fifty Godfrey, Matthew C. September 4, 2017 Book Chapter 3
"With Full Authority to Build UP the Kingdom of God on Earth" : Lyman Wight on the Council of Fifty Blythe, Christopher James September 4, 2017 Book Chapter 8
"We Are A Kingdom To Ourselves" : The Council of Fifty Minutes and the Mormon Exodus West Bennett, Richard E. September 4, 2017 Book Chapter 7
The Council of Fifty in Western History Rogers, Jedediah Smart September 4, 2017 Book Chapter 10
The Council of Fifty and the Search for Religious Liberty Reeve, W. Paul September 4, 2017 Book Chapter 4
Race and the Making of the Mormon People Mueller, Max Perry September 2017 Book 6 189
I Know He Lives : How 13 Special Witnesses Came To Know Jesus Christ Horne, Dennis B. September 2017 Book 37
Brigham Young at Home Harmer, Mabel, Spencer, Clarissa Young September 2004 Book 6
To the Branches of the Relief Society Snow, Eliza R. September 12, 1884 Journal Article
Why I Stay : The Challenges of Discipleship for Contemporary Mormons Rees, Robert A. Sept 29, 2011 Book 2
Correspondence of Elder A. M. Musser Musser, Amos M. Saturday, August 15, 1857 Journal Article
'Mixed Voices' : A Study on Book of Mormon Criticism Nibley, Hugh W. Salt Lake City, UT Journal Article 1
Parental Divorce and LDS Young Adult Attitudes Toward Marriage and Family Life Finney, Sarah D Provo, UT Dissertation
Sidney Rigdon The Real Founder of Mormonism Whitsitt, William H. originally written 1885-1888 Report 1
The Second Sacred Grove : The Influence of Greenville, Indiana, on Joseph Smith's 1832 First Vision Account Godfrey, Matthew C. October 2018 Journal Article 1 12
Philo Dibble's Dream of "a Gallery in Zion" Jensen, Devan October 2018 Journal Article 20
"Female Brethren" : Gender Dynamics in a Newly Integrated Missionary Force, 1898-1915 McBride, Matthew S. October 2018 Journal Article 22
Life on the Hill : The Black Farming Families of Mill Creek Reiter, Tonya October 2018 Journal Article 6
"Brethren, It's the Last Day of the Month" : A History of Ward Teaching, 1912-1963 Hartley, William G. October 2018 Journal Article 13
Buttons, Banners, and Pie : Mormon Women's Grassroots Movements : "Equality Yes, ERA No" versus "Another Mormon for ERA" Wilkinson, Lori Motzkus October 2018 Journal Article 11