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Ludlow, Jared W.

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The Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible: Ancient Material Restored or Inspired Commentary? Canonical or Optional? Finished or Unfinished? Ludlow, Jared W. 2021 Journal Article 2 13
The Melting Pot : A Jewish Play's Influence on Twentieth-Century LDS Thought Ludlow, Jared W. 2016 Journal Article 2 7
A Tale of Three Communities : Jerusalem, Elephantine, and Lehi-Nephi Ludlow, Jared W. 2007 Journal Article 1 0
A Narrative Approach to the Joseph Smith Translation of the Synoptic Gospels Ludlow, Jared W. 2015 Journal Article 1 1
"One Like the Son of Man Came with the Clouds of Heaven": The Context and Influence of the Son of Man Prophecy in Daniel 7 Ludlow, Jared W. 2023 Journal Article 0 3