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Addison Pratt's Diary Pratt, Addison, 1802-1872 1954 Book Chapter 0 0
Administrative History of the Nauvoo Legion in Utah Hansen, Ralph W. 1954 Dissertation 6 0
The American Civil War in the Western Territories of New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and Utah Colton, Ray C. 1954 Dissertation 0 0
Antoine Ridgeway Ivins of the First Council of the Seventy Hyde, Florence Ivins 1954 Journal Article 0 0
Autobiography of William Lindsay Lindsay, William 1954 Book 0 0
A Bibliography on Mormonism Stout, Wayne D. 1954 Report 1 0
The Book of Mormon and Early Southwest Cultures Lowe, Gareth W. 1954 Journal Article 2 0
The British Mission in Retrospect--The Harvest Hill, James P. 1954 Journal Article 0 0
Certain Basic Concepts in the Educational Philosophy of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1830-1930 Rich, Wendell O. 1954 Dissertation 4 0
Changing Navaho Religious Values : A Study of Christian Missions to the Rimrock Navahos Rapoport, Robert N. 1954 Book Chapter 0 0
Charles C. Rich Diary Rich, Charles Coulson, 1809-1883 1954 Book Chapter 0 0
Colonia Juarez : An Intimate Account of a Mormon Village Hatch, Nelle Spilsbury 1954 Book 10 0
Congress, Polygamy, and the Mormons Hatfield, Joseph T. 1954 Dissertation 1 0
The Consideration of a Possible Heretical Trend Developing in the Religious Philosophy of the Latter-day Saint People of a Given Geographical Area Horsley, A. Burt 1954 Dissertation 1 0
The Contents, Structure, and Authorship of the Book of Mormon Washburn, J. N. 1954 Book 4 5
The Contributions of the Temporary Settlements Garden Grove, Mount Pisgah, and Kanesville, Iowa to Mormon Emigration, 1846-1852 Webb, L. Robert 1954 Dissertation 4 0
The Deseret Alphabet Sudweeks, Leslie L. 1954 Journal Article 1 0
Doctrines of Salvation : Sermons and Writings of Joseph Fielding Smith Smith, Joseph Fielding 1954 Book 140 10
Early History of Millard County and Its Latter-day Saint Settlers, 1851-1912 Cropper, Ladd R. 1954 Dissertation 0 6
Early Utah Materia Medica : Priddy Meeks Reese, Robert E.;Osborne, George E. 1954 Journal Article 1 0
The Economic Plan of Mormon Colonization Monsen, R. Joseph, Jr. 1954 Dissertation 1 0
The Effects of Geographical Position on Belief and Behavior in a Rural Mormon Village O'Dea, Thomas F. 1954 Journal Article 4 0
Elder Thomas E. McKay Young, Clifford E. 1954 Journal Article 1 0
Emily Almire Cozzens Rich, 1871-1954 Poulsen, Ezra J. 1954 Book 0 0
Emma Smith, The Elect Lady Gibson, Margaret Wilson 1954 Book 5 0
Ephraim's First One Hundred Years Centennial Book Committee [Ephraim, Utah] 1954 Book 2 0
'Familism' in Mormon Social Structure Larsen, Herbert Ray 1954 Dissertation 5 0
Free Schools Come to Utah Ivins, Stanley S. 1954 Journal Article 17 7
Freighting between the Missouri River and Utah--1847-1869 Strebel, George L. 1954 Dissertation 0 20
Gentile and Saint at Kirtland Thorton, Willis 1954 Journal Article 3 0
The Governor's Lady : A Letter from Camp Scott, 1857 Cumming, Elizabeth;Mortensen, A. R. 1954 Journal Article 2 2
The Greeks of Carbon County Papanikolas, Helen Z. 1954 Journal Article 2 0
A Guide to the Manuscripts in the Bancroft Library Relating to the History of Utah Ellsworth, S. George 1954 Journal Article 6 0
The Henry W. Bigler Journal Bigler, Henry William, 1815-1900;Hafen, Ann W.;Hafen, LeRoy R. 1954 Book 0 0
Historical Facts Regarding the Liberty and Carthage Jails McRae, Joseph A.;McRae, Eunice H. 1954 Book 4 0
An Historical Study of the M-Men Basketball Tournament of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Snow, Edward Donald 1954 Dissertation 2 0
The History of the Drama in Corinne and Brigham City, Utah, 1855-1905 Johnson, Rue C. 1954 Dissertation 2 0
The History of the Latter-day Saint Temple in Logan, Utah Larkin, Melvin A. 1954 Dissertation 7 0
A History of the LDS Church Academies with Emphasis on Curriculum, Student Expenses, Facilities, Educational Methods, and Activities Jacobsen, Barbara Perkins 1954 Dissertation 3 0
A History of Wasatch County, 1859-1899 Raty, Leslie S. 1954 Dissertation 2 0
Holdings of the University of Utah on Utah and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Kirkpatrick, L. H. 1954 Book 1 0
How the Gospel Came To Mexico Martineau, Joel H. 1954 Journal Article 0 0
How the Saints Fed the Indians Arrington, Leonard J. 1954 Journal Article 5 0
Howard Egan's Diary From Fort Utah to California Hafen, LeRoy R.;Hafen, Ann W.;Egan, Howard 1954 Book Chapter 0 0
Hubert Howe Bancroft and the History of Utah Ellsworth, S. George 1954 Journal Article 10 23
Isn't One Wife Enough? Young, Kimball 1954 Book 69 0
Jedediah Smith and His Maps of the American West Wheat, Carl L.;Morgan, Dale L. 1954 Book 3 0
Joseph J. Daynes, First Tabernacle Organist : His Contributions to the Musical Culture of Utah and the Significance of His Life and Works Overson, Marion Peter 1954 Dissertation 2 0
Joseph Smith--The Wentworth Letter and Religious America of 1842 Lyon, T. Edgar 1954 Report 1 0
Journal Carter, Kate B.;Walker, William Holmes 1954 Book 0 0