Studies in Mormon History

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Besiedy o tak Nazyvaemoi Mormonskoi Bierie [ Discussions about the Named Mormon Faith] S. M. M. 1904 Book
George Cannon, The Immigrant . . . His Ancestry, His Life, His Native Land, His Posterity Cannon, George Quayle, 1794-1844, Cannon, John Q. 1927 Book 5
History of the Life of Oliver B. Huntington, Written by Himself, 1878-1900 Huntington, Oliver B. 1971 Book 3
Innovation and Entrepreneurial Spirit : Leonard J. Arrington and the Impact of New Mormon History Brumbaugh, John H. 2010 Book
Joseph Smith and His Royal Lineage : A Blood Descendant of Jesus Christ Fowler, R. Merle 2006 Book
Saving Sacrifice of the Mormon Battalion : from the journals of Levi Ward Hancock, ed. Herbert A. Hancock Hancock, Levi Ward, 1803-1882 2000 Book 1
Testimony of Nancy Nowell : a copy of my journals commenced in Lapeer, Michigan. A daily account of the devotional and devout exercise of my heart and the testimony of truth Fahey, John, Nowell, Nancy, 1805- 1892 Book
The Autobiography of Melvin A. Cook. Volume 1 : Reflections on Ancestry and Early Life Cook, Alonzo Laker, 1882-1963, Cook, Ann Eliza, 1823-1896, Cook, Melvin A., Cook, Phineas Wolcott, 1819-1900 1973 Book
The Israel Barlow Story and Mormon Mores Barlow, Israel, 1806-1883, Barlow, Ora Haven 1968 Book 11
The Saints Church and Cultural Change in French Polynesia : An Examination of The Effects of Attitudes, Imposed Strategies and Indigenous Strategies in the Development of a French Polynesian Church Fielding, Harry J. 1980 Dissertation
Transformation of the Mormon Culture Region Yorgason, Ethan Robert 2003 Book 30 124
Who Are the Children of Lehi? DNA and the Book of Mormon Meldrum, D. Jeffrey, Stephens, Trent D. 2007 Book 3
William Clayton's Journal : A Daily Record of the Journal of the Original Company of 'Mormon' Pioneers from Nauvoo, Illinois, to the Valley of the Great Salt Lake Clayton, William 1921 Book 48
"A Babe Upon Its Mother's Lap" : Church Development in a Developing World Wood, Robert S. 2008 Book Chapter 2
"A Branch of Honor" Or Fallen Leaf Decker, Sarah Melissa 2016 Dissertation
"A City on a Hill" : Chartering the City of Nauvoo Bennett, Richard E., Cope, Rachel 2002 Journal Article 5 10
"A Continual War, Not of Arguments, but of Bread and Cheese" : Opening the First LDS Mission in Italy, 1849-1867 Toronto, James A. 2005 Journal Article 4 9
"A Continuation of the Seeds" : Joseph Smith and Spirit Birth Hales, Brian C. 2012 Journal Article 4 21
"A Fine Intellectual and Spiritual Opportunity" : Church Historian Leonard J. Arrington's 1975 Tour of the LDS Church's Asian Area General Conferences Neilson, Reid L. 2017 Journal Article 7
"A Forced Abstinence" : Negotiating Orthodoxy and the Emergence of Mormon Teetotalism Dodge, Samuel Alonzo 2018 Journal Article 19
"A Godsend for the Salvation of Modern Israel" : The Creation of the Seminary Program Dowdle, Brett D., Griffiths, Casey Paul 2013 Book Chapter
"A Great Moral Heritage" : The Creation of a Mormon Collective Identity Lawler, Erin Casey 2010 Dissertation
"A History of All the Important Things" (D&C 69 :3) : John Whitmer's Record of Church History Esplin, Scott C. 2010 Book Chapter
"A Liar from the Beginning" Crawford, Matthew A., Olson, Casey William 2011 Journal Article 1
"A Lion in the Path" : Genesis of the Utah War, 1857-1858 Bigler, David L. 2008 Journal Article 4 10
"A Man Raised Up" : The Role of Willard W. Bean in the Acquisition of the Hill Cumorah Boone, David F. 2004 Journal Article 1 2
"A Mighty Man was Brother Lot" : A Portrait of Lot Smith, Mormon Frontiersman Peterson, Charles S. 1970 Journal Article 7 13
"A Miracle from Day One" : Publication of the Joseph Smith Translation Manuscripts McConkie, Rebecca L. 2004 Journal Article
"A Mission to the United States" : William Wallace Haws, Pioneer of 1848 (and the Story of His Haws Ancestors) Haws, Greg 2012 Book
"A Modern Patriarchal Family" : The Wives of Joseph F. Smith in the Relief Society Magazine, 1915-19 Tait, Lisa Olsen 2013 Book Chapter
"A Mormon and Still a Jew" : The Life of Alexander Neibaur Woods, Fred E. 2006 Journal Article 16
"A Mother There" : A Survey of Historical Teachings about Mother in Heaven Paulsen, David L., Pulido, Martin 2011 Journal Article 12 16
"A Nation Now Extinct," American Indian Origin Theories as of 1820 : Samuel L. Mitchill, Martin Harris, and the New York Theory Bennett, Richard E. 2011 Journal Article 1 3
"A Negro Preacher" : The Worlds of Elijah Ables Stevenson, Russell W. 2013 Journal Article 10 46
"A New Future Requires a Past" Driggs, Kenneth D. 2008 Journal Article 10
"A New Policy in Church School Work" : The Founding of the LDS Supplementary Religious Education Movement, 1890-1930 Dowdle, Brett D. 2011 Dissertation 2
"A P.O. Box and a Desire to Witness for Jesus" : Identity and Mission in the Ex-Mormons for Jesus/Saints Alive in Jesus, 1975-90 Patterson, Sara M. 2010 Journal Article 2 7
"A Particular Favorite" : Sara Alexander of the Old Salt Lake Theatre Maxwell, Margaret F. 2006 Journal Article 9
"A Pentecost and Endowment Indeed" : Six Eyewitness Accounts of the Kirtland Temple Experience Harper, Steven C. 2005 Book Chapter 14
"A Perfect Hell" : Utah Doughboys in the Meuse-Argonne Offensive, 1918 Johnson, Brandon 2012 Journal Article 1
"A Picturesque and Dramatic History" Carmack, Noel A. 2008 Book Chapter
"A Picturesque and Dramatic History" : George Reynolds's Story of the Book of Mormon Carmack, Noel A. 2008 Journal Article 4
"A Portion of God's Light" : Mormonism and Religious Pluralism Birch, Brian D. 2018 Journal Article 5
"A Prophet... Like unto Thee" Benson, RoseAnn, McConkie, Joseph Fielding 2011 Journal Article 1
"A Providential Means of Agitating Mormonism" : Parley P. Pratt and the San Francisco Press in the 1850's Grow, Matthew J. 2008 Book Chapter 3
"A Question on My Mind" Robert McCorkle's 1844 Letter to Joseph Smith Black, Susan Easton, Boyd, Hal Robert 2010 Journal Article 5
"A Seal of Living Reality" : The Role of Personal Expression in Latter-day Saint Discourse Smith, Julianne 2006 Dissertation
"A Shrine to the Whole Church" : The History of the St. George Tabernacle Landon, Michael N. 2011 Journal Article 3 4
"A Simple, Common-Sense Explanation" : Thomas F. O'Dea and the Book of Mormon Bahr, Howard M. 2006 Journal Article
"A Spot for the Temple" : Reclaiming the Temple Site in Independence, Missouri Addams, R. Jean 2014 Journal Article 16