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McMurray, W. Grant

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'True Son of a True Father' : Joseph Smith III and the Succession Question McMurray, W. Grant 1980 Journal Article 18 0
A 'Goodly Heritage' in a Time of Transformation : History and Identity in the Community of Christ McMurray, W. Grant 2004 Journal Article 11 7
'As Historians and Not as Partisans' : The Writing of Official History in the RLDS Church McMurray, W. Grant 1986 Journal Article 7 4
The Reorganization in Nineteenth Century America : Identity Crisis or Historiographical Problem? McMurray, W. Grant 1982 Journal Article 7 13
History and Mission in Tension : A View From Both Sides McMurray, W. Grant 2000 Journal Article 4 10
"Something Lost, Something Gained" : Restoration History and Culture Seen from Both Sides Now McMurray, W. Grant 2007 Journal Article 2 0
American Values for a "New Jerusalem": Formations of the First United Order of Enoch, 1860-71 McMurray, W. Grant 1988 Journal Article 1 7
They 'Shall Blossom as the Rose' : Native Americans and the Dream of Zion McMurray, W. Grant 2001 Book 0 0
Walking into the Heart of the Questions : An Interview with W. Grant McMurray McMurray, W. Grant;Prince, Gregory A. 2011 Journal Article 0 0