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Prince, Gregory A.

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Power from on High : The Development of Mormon Priesthood Prince, Gregory A. 1995 Book 78 0
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Gay Rights and the Mormon Church : Intended Actions, Unintended Consequences Prince, Gregory A. 2019 Book 19 17
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Having Authority : The Origins and Development of Priesthood during the Ministry of Joseph Smith Prince, Gregory A. 1993 Book 12 0
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Gerontocracy and the Future of Mormonism Rushforth, Brent N.;Bush, Lester E., Jr.;Prince, Gregory A. 2016 Journal Article 6 9
The Red Peril, the Candy Maker, and the Apostle : David O. McKay's Confrontation with Communism Prince, Gregory A. 2004 Journal Article 6 2
Joseph Smith's First Vision in Historical Context : How a Historical Narrative Became Theological Prince, Gregory A. 2015 Journal Article 5 10
Mormon Priesthood and Organization Prince, Gregory A. 2015 Book Chapter 5 13
David O. McKay and the 'Twin Sisters' : Free Agency and Tolerance Prince, Gregory A. 2000 Journal Article 1 2
The Evolving Ecclesiastical Organization of an International Lay Church Prince, Gregory A. 2020 Book Chapter 1 13
How I Did It : Writing David O. McKay and the Rise of Modern Mormonism Prince, Gregory A. 2020 Book Chapter 1 0
Father-Daughter Interview on Blacks and the Priesthood Prince, Gregory A.;Nzojibwami, Egide;Christensen, Verlyne 2018 Journal Article 0 0
A Bibliography of Mormon Reprints Prince, Gregory A. 1978 Journal Article 0 0
McKay, David O. Reeve, W. Paul;Parshall, Ardis E.;Prince, Gregory A. 2010 Encyclopedia Article 0 0
A Failure of Moral Imagination : Guantanamo, Torture, the Constitution, and Mormons- An Interview with Brent N. Rushforth Prince, Gregory A. 2009 Journal Article 0 0
Leonard Arrington and the RLDS Church Prince, Gregory A. 2014 Journal Article 0 0
An Interview with Rabbi Harold Kushner Kushner, Harold;Prince, Gregory A. 2013 Journal Article 0 0
Walking into the Heart of the Questions : An Interview with W. Grant McMurray McMurray, W. Grant;Prince, Gregory A. 2011 Journal Article 0 0
Faith and Doubt as Partners in Mormon History Prince, Gregory A. 2014 Book 0 0