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“The Book of Doctrine and Covenants, and the Book of Mormon Do Harmonize B.,W.W. 1876
“Sealed in a Book: Preliminary Observations on the Newly Found ‘Anthon Transcript Bachman, Danel W. 1980
“Reorganized” or “Josephite” Mormonism Carefully Considered in the Light of the Bible and of Good Reason Nutting, John Danforth 1899
“Comparative Images: Mormonism and Contemporary Religions as Seen by Village Newspapermen in Western New York and Northeastern Ohio, 1820-1833 Norton, Walter A. 1991
“An Examination of the Strategies of Instruction Employed by Prophets and Teachers in the Book of Mormon and Their Potential Application to Current LDS Instructional Settings Van Orden, Bruce A. 1975
“A Study of Some Textual Variations in the Book of Mormon Comparing the Original and the Printer’s Manuscripts and the 1830, the 1837, and the 1840 Editions Larson, Stanley R. 1974
“A Look at the Newly Discovered Joseph Smith Manuscript Bachman, Danel W. 1980
“A Design Study in Costume for Projected Dramatic Productions Prescribing a Book of Mormon Setting Identified Herein as Late Preclassic Mesoamerican Culture Brown, Amanda J. 1968
‘Yield Your Heart to God’—the Process of Sanctification Pew, W. Ralph 1992
‘Ye Are They’: One of the Sacred Sacramental Songs . . . on Doctrinal Subjects of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Salter, Melvin Sam 1957
‘What If This Is Really True?’ Preece, Derek 1990
‘We Add Our Witness’: Living Prophets Share Their Feelings about the Book of Mormon 1989
‘Use the Book of Mormon,’ President Benson Tells Michigan Area Conference 1986
‘Thus Saith the Lord’: Prophetic Language in Samuel’s Speech Parry, Donald W. 1992
‘This Day' Welch, John W; Parry, Donald W; Ricks, Stephen D. 1992
‘The Field is White Already to Harvest’: Earliest Missionary Labors and the Book of Mormon Porter, Larry C. 1988
‘That They May Know' Smith Henry A. 1966
‘Share Testimonies This Year,’ Sisters Urged Ricks, Kellen 1989
‘Secret Combinations’ Revisited Peterson, Daniel C. 1992
‘Personalized Books’ Expand to Fill Added Mission Requests 1985
‘On the Morrow Come I Into the World’—The Book of Mormon Christmas Story 1986
‘O Man Remember, and Perish Not’ Mosiah 4:30 Midgley, Louis C. 1992
‘Mormon’ Church Nick-name Romney, Marion G. 1979
‘Knowest Thou the Condescension of God?’ Lund, Gerald N. 1992
‘Just Cut My Hair and Don’t Preach!’ McKean, Jerry 1990
‘It Came to Pass’ in the Bible and the Book of Mormon Smith, Robert F. 1984
‘Is There Any Way to Escape These Difficulties?’: The Book of Mormon Studies of B. H. Roberts. Smith, George D., Jr. 1984
‘In the Learning of the Jews’: A Testimony Lundgren, Alice 1985
‘In Plain Terms That We May Understand’: Joseph Smith’s Transformation of Hebrews in Alma 12-13 Wright, David P. 1993
‘I Know Your Doing’: The Book of Mormon Speaks to Our Times Rust, Richard Dilworth 1988
‘Holy War’: The Sacral Ideology of War in the Book of Mormon and in the Ancient Near East Ricks, Stephen D. 1990
‘Holy War’ in the Book of Mormon and the Ancient Near East Ricks, Stephen D. 1992
‘Had You Stood in the Presence of Peter,’ A Letter From Oliver Cowdery to Phineas Young, 1846 Watt, Ronald G. 1977
‘Gems’ from the Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants Morton, William A. 1925
‘Enemies of Righteousness’: The Book of Mormon Identifies Latter-day Forces That Oppose the Lord Largey, Dennis L. 1989
‘Daddy, What’s a Frontier?’: Second Thoughts on the Environment that Supposedly Produced the Book of Mormon Thomasson, Gordon C. 1970
‘Church of the Air’ Address: A New Witness for Christ Richards, LeGrand 1957
‘Book of Mormon’ and Others McConkie, Bruce R. 1958
‘Book of Mormon to Go’ Is House Specialty Blake, Vira H. 1989
‘Book of Mormon Lands’ Article Draws Harsh Criticism McKeever, William 1992
‘Blue Book’ Quenched Thirst for Truth Bulseco, Albert C. 1988
‘And It Came to Pass' McGavin, E. Cecil; Reynolds, A.S. 1938
Zoram Nyman, Monte S.
Zionism Madsen, Truman G.
Zion, Land of Promise: An Atlas Study of Book of Mormon Geography LePoidevin, Cecil George 1977
Zion's Camp Chase, Lance D.
Zion Sorensen, A. Don
Zenos: One of the Major Prophets Simmons, Rae 1990
Zenos' Prophetic Allegory of Israel Fowles, John L. 1986
Zenos and the Texts of the Old Testament Seely, David Rolph; Welch, John W. 1994