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"For in that Day…": A History of Translation and Distribution, 1965-1980 Carr, John Edward 1985
"The Book of Mormon,” “A Divine Record,” “The Three Witnesses,” and “The Prophesied Future of the Indian People" Smith, Joseph Fielding 1970
'Secret Combinations' Lea, Leonard J. 1937
'The Book with Golden Leaves', 'Through Urim and Thummim', and 'The Red Mans Bible' Evans, John Henry 1924
'The Liahona'; a Dramatic Cantata for Mixed Voices Driggs, William King 1952
1 and 2 Nephi: An Inspiring Whole Axelgard, Frederick W 1986
158 Years: A Type for Our Day Treat, Ray; Treat, Mary Lee 1989
1829 Lucy Mack Smith Letter Displayed 1982
1829, A Momentous Year 1979
1873 Martin Harris Letter Reaffirms Book of Mormon Testimony 1982
1980 and the Book of Mormon Treat, Raymond C. 1981
1991 Book of Mormon Bibliography Teasdale, Andrew 1992
2 Sets of Plates Make up the Book of Mormon Gardner, Owen I. 1988
2000 Changes in the Book of Mormon Call, Lamoni 1898
2000 Questions and Answers from the Book of Mormon Mannering, Effa L. 1971
23 Questions Answered by the Book of Mormon Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 1977
3 Nephi 12:1-12: The Savior’s Emphasis on the Weightier Matters Masters, George F. 1986
3,913 Changes in the Book of Mormon Tanner, Jerald; Tanner, Sandra 1969
5,000 Gather to Welcome Prophet Hart, John L. 1987
A Bible! A Bible! Matthews, Robert J. 1990
A Biologist Looks at the Book of Mormon Key, Thomas D.S. 1985
A Bit of Original Evidence Baldwin, E.E. 1900
A Book about God’s Love Read, Lenet H. 1988
A Book Different from Any Other Kirkland, Harriet Rosser 1986
A Book for Eveline Wolf, Teresa 1991
A Book of Mormon Bibliography Harris, Franklin S. n.d.
A Book of Mormon Christmas 1993
A Book of Mormon Claim Substantiated 1929
A Book of Mormon Consistency Brookbank, T.W. 1910
A Book of Mormon Course of Study for Indian Students in Released-Time Seminaries Hales, Robert Lee 1963
A Book of Mormon Guide: A Simple Way to Teach a Friend Fischer, Wilford A. 1988
A Book of Mormon Manuscript in Russian 1937
A Book of Mormon Reader for Youth Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 1973
A Book of Mormon Rebel Wrapper, B.B. 1952
A Book of Mormon Sent on a Mission Partridge, E.D. 1920
A Book of Mormon Study (1922) Roberts, B.H. 1985
A Book of Mormon Testimony Smith, Harry E. 1925
A Book of Mormon Tour Guide: Chichen Itza Treat, Raymond C. 1980
A Book of Mormon Tour Guide: Monte Alban Treat, Raymond C. 1979
A Book of Mormon Treasury Green, Doyle L; Josephson, Marba C. 1959
A Book of Mormon Triptych Painting Escobar, Victor 1969
A Book of Mormon Year 1937
A Book of Vital Message Kimball, Spencer W. 1972
A Book to Bring the World to Christ Richards, Joel 1968
A Book Worth Giving Badger, Wanda West 1988
A Book You Can Respect Welch, John W. 1977
A Book You Should Read—And Why Brown, Hugh B. 1956
A Brief Account of the Discovery of the Brass Plates Recently Taken from a Mound Near Kinderhook, Pike County, Illinois 1843
A Brief Account of the Life of Phillip De La Mare De La Mare, Phillip 1852
A Brief Concordance to the Book of Mormon Morton, William A. 1919