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Primary Title Primary Author Year
Launching the Lehi Pope, John Keith 1951-1955
The Spaulding Story Concerning the Origin of the Book of Mormon, Duly Examined, and Exposed to the Righteous Contempt of a Candid Public Page, John E. 1843
Book of Mormon Lands: A Photographic Essay Cheesman, Paul R. 1978
The Book of Mormon Cowley, Matthias F. 1963
Joseph Smith—Prophet-Statesman Durham, G. Homer 1944
‘Book of Mormon’ and Others McConkie, Bruce R. 1958
A Book You Should Read—And Why Brown, Hugh B. 1956
A Child’s Book of Mormon Activity Book Burgess, Allan; Jean, Max; Molgard, Bette 1987
A Doctrinal Approach to the Book of Mormon Bankhead, Reid E; Pearson, Glenn L. 1962
Categories of Evidence for Old World Contacts with Ancient America Totten, Norman 1988
Compilation of the Book of Mormon Howells, Rulon S. 1961
Fun For Family Night: Book of Mormon Edition Burgess, Allan K; Molgard, Max H. 1990
God, Man, and the Universe Andrus, Hyrum L. 1968
Just One Cumorah Dixon, Riley Lake 1958
That Ye May Believe Maxwell, Neal A. 1992
The Book of Mormon Packer, Boyd K. 1991
The Book of Mormon Picture Packet 1976
The Book of Mormon Story Howells, Rulon S. 1957
The Book of Mormon—Artifact or Artifice? Card, Orson Scott 1993
The Call of a Modern Prophet—New Witness For Christ and Founding the New Dispensation Andrus, Hyrum L. 1968
The Church Story: From Sacred Grove to Land of Zion Bickerstaff, George 1974
The Most Correct Book: Why the Book of Mormon is the Keystone Scripture Nyman, Monte S. 1991
The Way to Happiness Howells, Rulon S. 1967
The Word and the Witness: The Unique Mission of the Book of Mormon Bankhead, Reid E; Pearson, Glenn L. 1970
Where the Book of Mormon Story Took Place Howells, Rulon S. 1961
You and the Destiny of the Indian Larsen, Dean L. 1966
On the Origin of the Jaredites Woodbury, Naomi 1964
A Hermeneutic of Sacred Texts: Historicism, Revisionism, Positivism, and the Bible and Book of Mormon Goff, Alan 1989
A Study of the Geography of the Book of Mormon as Found within the Record Itself Washburn, Jesse A. 1940
A Study to Identify and Isolate the Principles and Lessons of the Book of Mormon Record as Inserted by the Writers and Abridgers Hardy, Bud G. 1975
Concluding Messages of the Book of Mormon Bankhead, Reid E. 1956
Judah in the Days of Jeremiah and Lehi Nackos, Louis J. 1964
Lehi’s Vision of the Tree of Life: An Anagogic Interpretation Maddox, Julie Adams 1986
Patterns of Conversion in the Book of Mormon Harris, James R. 1968
Possible Lexical Hebraisms in the Book of Mormon: the Words of Mormon to Moroni Pack, Melvin Deloy 1967
Progressive Opinion of the Origin and Antiquity of the American Indian Fitzgerald, Heber Alvah 1930
Solomon Spaulding and the Book of Mormon Jessee, Dean C. 1977
Symbolic Action and Persuasion in the Book of Mormon Lane, Keith H. 1990
The Japanese Translation of the Book of Mormon: A Study in the Theory and Practice of Translation Numano, Jiro 1976
The Relevance and Effectiveness of Four Book of Mormon Prophets and Their Teachings Perry, David E. 1974
Lamanite Prophecies Fulfilled Kimball, Spencer W. 1965
Another Testament of Jesus Christ Millet, Robert L. 1988
The Enemies of Christ: 2 Nephi 28 Largey, Dennis L. 1989
The Atonement of Jesus Christ: 2 Nephi 9 Matthews, Robert J. 1989
The Law and the Light Packer, Boyd K. 1990
Lessons from the Zarahemla Churches Largey, Dennis L. 1991
Abinadi: The Prophet and Martyr Matthews, Robert J. 1991
Enos: His Mission and His Message Largey, Dennis L. 1990
King Benjamin: In the Service of Your God Black, Susan Easton 1991
Likening the Scriptures unto Us Larsen, Dean L. 1992