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Field book: Yellowstone Park & the Absaroka Range, including North Absaroka, Washakie, & Teton wilderness areas . . . [by] Orinn H. Bonney & Lorraine G. Bonney. Bonney, Orrin H. Swallow Press [1977] Books & Theses
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Yellowstone National Park. Barnett, John Awani Press [c1970] Books & Theses
***** Bowman, J.R. see under Pacific Tourist Books & Theses
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Protection of the Yellowstone national park [by] G.S. Anderson.β€”The Yellowstone national park protection act. p.______ Books & Theses
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Yellowstone-its underworld; geology and historical anecdotes of our oldest national park. Bauer, Clyde Max University of New Mexico Press 1962, Books & Theses
Gravity data for Yellowstone-Island Park region, Idaho-Montana-Wyoming NTIS 1975 Books & Theses
The story of man in Yellowstone. Beal, Merrill D. Yellowstone Library and Museum Association 1956 Books & Theses
What to do at Grand Canyon: see all of Yellowstone Park s.n. 195– Books & Theses
Yellowstone geysers by Clyde Max Bauer . . . illustrated by Jack Ellis Haynes. Bauer, Clyde Max Haynes c1947 Books & Theses
Hot springs of the Yellowstone National Park by E. T. Allen and Arthur L. Day. Microscopic examinations by H. E. Merwin. Allen, Eugene Thomas Carnegie Institution of Washington 1935 Books & Theses
Existing winter use management guidelines, inventory, and needs: Yellowstone National Park. [U.S. Dept. of the Interior. National Park Service] [1989] Books & Theses
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The flight of the Nez Perce. Brown, Mark Herbert University of Nebraska Press 1982 Books & Theses
Riding the ridge to the Rockies; new and unique way to Yellowstone wonderland. Amoretti Hotel and Camp Company, Lander, Wyo. Rand McNally Company c1924 Books & Theses
Evolutionary and ecological aspects of the cyanophytes. Brock, Thomas D. Blackwell Scientific Publications 1973 Books & Theses