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Managing Yellowstone National Park into the Twenty-first Century. In: Ecosystem management for parks and wilderness. Edited by James K. Agee and Darryll R. Johnson. pp. 216–225., graph, 26 cm. Varley, John D University of Washington Press [1988] Books & Theses
Wolves for Yellowstone? A report to the United States Congress edited by John D. Varley and Wayne G. Brewster. Technical editors Sarah E. Broadbent and Renee Evanoff Varley, John D, University of Wyoming, University of Idaho, Interagency Grizzly Bear Study Team, and University of Minnesota Cooperative Park Studies Unit 1990–1992 Books & Theses
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Catch-and-release fishing in Yellowstone Park. In: Proceedings of Wild Trout II, Yellowstone National Park, September 24–25, 1979, pp. 137–142, illus., graphs, 28 cm Varley, John D. Trout Unlimiated and Federation of Fly Fishermaen 1980 Books & Theses
The status, ecology and management of the Yellowstone and Snake River finespotted cutthroat trout. Varley, John D. Fish and Wildlife service 1979 Books & Theses
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The Yellowstone Lake crisis: confronting a lake trout invasion: a report to the director of the National Park Service; edited by John D. Varley and Paul Schullery. Varley, John D. Yellowstone Center for Resources 1995 Books & Theses
[The fires and the media] In: Covering the Pacific Environment - Summary of a Conference on News Media Coverage of Pacific Environmental Issues, October 1989, Missoula, Montana, The Mansfield Center for Pacific Affairs, pp 4, illus., 28 cm. Varley, John D. The Mansfield Center for Pacific Affairs 1989 Books & Theses
James Bridger, trapper, frontiersman, scout, and guide: a historical narrative. Alter, J. Cecil Long's College Book Co. 1951 Books & Theses
Late quaternary pollen and plant macrofossils from abandoned-lagoon sediments near Yellowstone Lake, Wyoming. Baker, Richard Graves 1969 Books & Theses
Bibliography and brief history of studies by the U.S. Geological Survey in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana: 1965–1986, by Keith E. Barger and Daniel Dzuriein. Barger, Keith E. U.S. Geological Survey 1986 Books & Theses
Statewide survey of the Wyoming general public attitude towards wolf reintroduction in Yellowstone National Park. Bath, Alistair James n.p.] 1987 Books & Theses
Yellowstone in jingletone. Brewer, Clarence A. J.E. Maynes [c1921] Books & Theses
Wild animals of Yellowstone National Park: a representation of general information on many of the mammals most commonly seen in Yellowstone, illustrated with drawings of many of the species described. Brodrick, Harold J. Yellowstone Library and Museum Association 1954 Books & Theses
Zu ferner Westen. Brückmann, Werner Lothas Sauer-Morhard Verlag 1948 Books & Theses
Battle drums and geysers [by] Orrin H. Bonney and Lorraine Bonney. Bonney, Orrin H. Orrin H. Bonney and Lorraine Bonney [c1970] Books & Theses
Insect infestation of fire-injured trees in the greater Yellowstone area [by] Gene D. Amman and Kevin C. Ryan. Amman, Gene D. U.S. Forest Service. Intermountain Research Station 1991 Books & Theses
America's magnificent western national parks in living color. Colorpicture Publication 1966?] Books & Theses
Yellowstone—its underworld; geology and historical anecdotes of our oldest national park. Bauer, Clyde Max University of New Mexico Press] 1953 Books & Theses
Geology and thermal history of Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. Barger, Keith E. Government Printing Office 1978 Books & Theses