Victorian and Edwardian Literature

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Magee Number Title Author Publisher Year
4057 The Caged Lion [Yonge, Charlotte Mary] Macmillan and Co., Ltd. 1880
4042 Life Songs: Being Original Poems [Waterford, Louisa] James Nisbet & Co., Limited 1884
4028 Victoria's World: An Exhibition from the Gernsheim Collection [Victoria] University of Texas [1969?]
4008 Anthony Trollope: A New Judgement [Trollope, Anthony]; Elizabeth Bowen Oxford University Press 1946
4009 The Trollope Society [Trollope, Anthony]; A. Edward Newton A. Edward Newton 1935
4003 Jack the Giant Killer [Thomson, Hugh] Macmillan and Co., Ltd. 1898
4031 Walks About Town: A Poem, in Two Cantos, with Notes, and a Memoir of the Authors [The Antiquated Trio] Effingham Wilson 1830
3986 Two Leaves of Swinburne's Manuscript of Lesbia Brandon [Swinburne, Algernon Charles]; John S. Mayfield Syracuse University Library Associates 1967
3980 Pilgrim Street: A Story of Manchester Life [Stretton, Hesba] The Religious Tract Society [189-?]
3970 Cissy's Troubles [Steele, Francesca Maria] James Nisbet & Co., Limited [189-?]
3487 The Blue Bag: or, Toryana: An Address to the Electors and Election Committees of the United Kingdoms [Speaker of the House of Commons] Printed for Effingham Wilson 1832
3954 Charles Auchester [Sheppard, Elizabeth Sara] Chapman and Hall 1864
3936 Christie Redfern's Troubles [Robertson, Margaret Murray] The Religious Tract Society [188-?]
3937 David Fleming's Forgiveness [Robertson, Margaret Murray] Hodder and Stoughton 1891
3935 In the Olden Time [Roberts, Margaret] Longmans, Green, and Co. 1883
3975 Charles Reade, Dramatist, Novelist, Journalist: A Memoir Compiled Chiefly from His Literary Remains by Charles L. Reade and the Rev. Compton Reade [Reade, Charles] Chapman and Hall 1887
3881 [Two Essays on William Morris: William Morris, 1834-1896, by S. Dale Harris, and William Morris and the Kelmscott Press] [Morris, William]; Ward Ritchie n.p. 1967
3834 The Colloquies of Edward Osborne, Citizen and Clothworker, of London [Manning, Anne] Imprynted for Arthur Hall; Virtue, & Co. 1860
3835 The Household of Sir Thos. More [Manning, Anne] Virtue & Co. 1860
3830 "Ian Maclaren": Life of the Rev. John Watson, D.D. [Maclaren, Ian]; William Robertson Nicoll Hodder and Stoughton 1908
3827 When We Were Young and Other Stories [Mackarness, Matilda Anne (Planche)] Frederick Warne & Co. [1860]
3813 Dwell Deep: or, Hilda Thorn's Life Story [Lefeuvre, Amy] The Religious Tract Society [1896]
3814 Odd [Lefeuvre, Amy] The Religious Tract Society [1897?]
3811 Darrell Chevasney: A Novel [Lee, Susan Richmond] Jerold & Sons [1894]
3791 Adelaide's Treasure: And How the Thief Came Unawares [Ingham, C.J.] Wesleyan Conference Office 1885
3787 The Honble. Mrs. Vereker: A Novel [Hungerford, Mrs. Margaret Wolfe (Hamilton)] F.V. White & Co. 1889
3769 John Herschel and Victorian Science [Herschel, John]; University of Texas University of Texas 1966
3551 The Children in the Wood [Harvey, William H. (William Henry)] Jennings and Chaplin 1831
3747 The Pied Piper of Hamelin [Greenaway, Kate]; Robert Browning George Routledge & Sons, Limited [1888]
3744 Dame Wiggins of Lee and Her Seven Wonderful Cats [Greenaway, Kate]; Mrs. Pearson George Allen 1885
3746 Little Ann and Other Poems [Greenaway, Kate]; Jane Taylor; Ann Taylor George Routledge & Sons, Limited [1883]
3748 The Queen of the Pirate Isle [Greenaway, Kate]; Bret Harte Chatto & Windus [1886]
3745 Flowers & Fancies: Valentines Ancient and Modern by B. Montgomerie Ranking and Thomas K. Tully, F.R.H.S. [Greenaway, Kate]; B. Montgomerie Ranking; Thomas K. Tully M. Ward 1882
3718 Poems by the Knight of Morar [Fraser, W. Augustus] Whittingham & Wilkins 1867
3694 The Blight That Failed [Eddy, Mary Baker] Scribner n.d.
3623 The Bibliography of Dickens [Dickens, Charles]; [Richard Herne Shepherd] A. Ireland 1880
3619 About Edwin Drood [Dickens, Charles]; [Henry Jackson] Cambridge University Press 1911
3683 Some Rogues and Vagabonds of Dickens [Dickens, Charles]; Walter Dexter Cecil Palmer [1927]
3657 In Dickens Street [Dickens, Charles]; W.R. Thomson Chapman and Hall 1912
3632 Charles Dickens and His Friends [Dickens, Charles]; W. Teignmouth Shore Cassell and Company, Limited 1909
3625 A Centenary Bibliography of the Pickwick Papers by W. Miller and E.H. Strange [Dickens, Charles]; W. Miller; E. H. Strange Argonaut Press [1936]
3666 The Life of Charles Dickens [Dickens, Charles]; Thomas Wright Herbert Jenkins 1935
3659 In Kent with Charles Dickens [Dickens, Charles]; Thomas Frost Tinsley 1880
3686 With Dickens in Yorkshire [Dickens, Charles]; T.P. Cooper Ben Johnson [1923]
3633 Charles Dickens and the Stage [Dickens, Charles]; T. Edgar Pemberton George Redway 1888
3668 Memories of My Father by Sir Henry F. Dickens, K.C. [Dickens, Charles]; Sir Henry F. Dickens Duffield 1929
3685 When Mr. Pickwick Went Fishing [Dickens, Charles]; Samuel W. Lambert Edmond Byrne Hackett 1924
3664 The Lawyers of Dickens and Their Clerks [Dickens, Charles]; Robert D. Neely Christopher Publishing House 1938
3667 London and Country Rambles with Charles Dickens [Dickens, Charles]; Robert Allbut Sheppard [1888?]
3676 An Oliver Twist Exhibition: A Memento for the Dickens Centennial, 1970: An Essay by Richard A. Vogler [Dickens, Charles]; Richard A. Vogler University Research Library, U.C.L.A. 1970