Victorian and Edwardian Literature

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Magee Number Title Author Publisher Year
1328 Victorian England. Portrait of an Age Young, G. M. Oxford university press 1936
284 Cornhill Magazine, The Smith, Elder and company. 1860-75
387 The Dome. A Quarterly containing Examples of all the Arts. Edited by C. J. Holmes. The Unicorn Press 1897-1900
631 The Keynote Series J. Lane
977 The Savoy: An Illustrated Quarterly 1896
1258 "Yellow Backs" n.d.
1336 The Builder's Practical Director or Buildings for all classes: containing plans, sections and elevations for the erection of cottages, villas, farm buildings, dispensaries, public schools etc., with detailed estimates, quantities prices etc. A.H. Payne, J. Hagger c. 1840
1384 Jerusalem the Golden (c. 1862)
1680 Miss Fanny At The Seaside Rock Brothers & Payne 1856
1681 Missionary Map Of The World (c. 1850)
1683 Nursery Picture Books Thomas Dean & Son n.d. (c. 1850)
1693 Darton's Moveable Pet Lamb (cover title) Darton & Co n.d. (c. 1859)
1694 Rural Tales For Youth James March 1837
1696 Grandmamma Easy's Wonders of a Toy-Shop Dean and Co. n.d. (c. 1840)
3212 Royal Album of Arts and Industries of Great Britain Wyman & Sons 1887
3232 A Frog He Would a Wooing Go [c. 1885]
3237 The Story of the Charmed Fawn Addey and Co. [c. 1850]
3401 The Amaranth: A Selection of Poems, Interspersed with Prose Remarks F. Westley 1833
3402 Anecdotes of Impudence: Being a Collection of Entertaining Facts Relating to Extraordinary Men Charles Tile 1827
3450 The Anti-Philistine: a Monthly Magazine & Review of Belles-Lettres: Also a Periodical of Protest John & Horace Cowley 1897
3478 In the Golden Days Hurst and Blackett, Limited [1900, c. 1899]
3485 The Blind Beggar's Daughter of Bednall Breen Jennings and Chaplin 1832
3496 The Boy-Artist: A Tale for the Young Thomas Nelson and Sons 1873
3507 Brighton!! : A Comic Sketch William Kidd 1830
3518 Bulliana: A Selection of the Jeux D'esprits, Facetiae and Anecdotes of the John Bull: Part I, Mrs Ramsbottom's Tour from England to France Orlando Hodgson [183-?]
3565 The Comic Magazine: Vol. I: A Funny Bone James Gilbert 1832
3567 The Condition of the West India Slave Contrasted with That of the Infant Slave in our English Factories William Kidd [1833?]
3608 The Devil's Visit: A Poem, from the Original Manuscript William Kidd 1830
3702 The Emperor's Rout Charles Tilt, 86, Fleet Street 1831
3727 Gog and Magog: A Legendary Ballad Effingham Wilson 1836
3764 Helen's Trouble Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge 1869
3773 The History of the House that Jack Built: A Diverting Story Griffith & Farran n.d.
3792 It G.H. Davidson [183-?]
3800 Kind Words Awaken Kind Echoes: or, Illustrations of the Power of Kindness Thomas Nelson and Sons 1872
3822 Little Kittiwake: or, The Story of the Life-Boat The Religious Tract Society [189-?]
3837 Margate: A Humorous Poem William Kidd 1831
3853 Miss Marston's Girls and their Confirmation James Nisbet & Co., Limited 1887
3890 The Original Comic Magazine: Vol. II J. Duncombe [183-?]
3891 The Oxford and Cambridge Magazine for 1856: Conducted by Members of the Two Universities Bell and Daldy 1856
3896 The Penny Magazine of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge Charles Knight 1832-40
3932 The Real Devil's Walk: Not by Professor Porson Effingham Wilson 1830
3950 Sayings Worth Hearing: and Secrets Worth Knowing: A New Book for the Million: Consisting of a Variety of Choice Articles William Kidd [18--?]
3967 Steamers v. Stages: or, Andrew and His Spouse William Kidd 1830
3978 Strange Secrets: Told by T. Milford [and Others] Chatto & Windus 1902
3981 Sweet Anna Greyson William Stevens [189-?]
3989 The Tailors: or, Quadrupeds: A Tragedy for Warm Weather: In Three Acts Joseph Thomas 1836
3990 Tales from Chamber's Journal W. & R. Chambers, Limited 1892
3997 Teasing Made Easy: A Pocket Manual for All Who Would Excel in this Fashionable Accomplishment and Most Important Branch of the Fine Arts William Ingham 1836
4025 Valpurgis: or, The Devil's Festival William Kidd 1831
4029 A Voice from the Tomb! : A Dialogue Between Nelson and Willington, Overheard at St. Pauls D. Pattie [1859]