Studies in Mormon History

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"A Seal of Living Reality" : The Role of Personal Expression in Latter-day Saint Discourse Smith, Julianne 2006 Dissertation
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'[Almost] All is Well' : Thematic Sophistication as an Index of Quality in LDS Student Stories Bell, Elouise M. 1983 Journal Article
'A Profound Sense of Community' : Mormon Values in Wallace Stegner's 'Recapitulation' Cracroft, Richard H. 1991 Journal Article 1 2
'Against the Assault of Laughter--Nothing' : Humor as the Means of Solving 'the Mormon Question' Cracroft, Richard H. 1984 Journal Article
'Awaiting Translation' : Timothy Liu, Identity Politics, and the Question of Religious Authenticity Waterman, Bryan 1997 Journal Article
'Clipped and Controlled' : A Contemporary Look at BYU Sunstone 1996 Journal Article 2
'Do Not Lecture the Brethren' : Stewart L. Udall's Pro-Civil Rights Stance, 1967 Peterson, F. Ross 1999 Journal Article 6 4
'Gringo, Jeringo' : Anglo-Mormon Missionary Culture in Bolivia Knowlton, David C. 1994 Book Chapter 2
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'Is Mormonism Christian?' Reflections on a Complicated Question Shipps, Jan 1993 Journal Article 8 8
'No Respecter of Persons' : A Mormon Ethics of Diversity England, Eugene 1994 Journal Article 2
'One Flesh' : A Historical Overview of Latter-day Saint Sexuality and Psychology Swedin, Eric G. 1998 Journal Article
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'Unto the Least of These' : Another Gender Gap Elliott, Dorice W. 1990 Journal Article
'We Don't Know' : A Survey of Mormon Responses to Evolutionary Biology Jeffrey, Duane E. 1979 Book Chapter
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A 'Meeting of the Brethren' : The Discovery of the Official Minutes of a 1902 Meeting of the First Presidency and Twelve Apostles Larson, Stan 1998 Journal Article
A 'Smaller Canvas' of the Mormon Short Story since 1950 Jorgensen, Bruce W. 1984 Journal Article
A Bibliography of the Archives of the Utah Humanities Research Foundation, 1944-1947 Lee, Hector 1947 Book
A Case Study of Organizational Learning and Transitions in Higher Education : Ricks College Becomes Brigham Young University-Idaho Poulter, LaNae Hammon 2007 Dissertation
A Causal Analysis of Missionary and Membership Growth in the Church or Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Hepworth, Joseph T. 1999 Journal Article 1
A Chronic Identity Issue : Singleness and Divorce Shaw, Beverly L. 1991 Journal Article 1
A Closer Look at Galbraith's Closer Look : Comment Berbaum, Michael, Markus, Gregory B., Zajonc, Robert B. 1982 Journal Article
A Cohort Study of Cancer Incidence in Mormon Families Exposed to Nuclear Fallout versus an Area-based Study of Cancer Deaths in Southwestern Utah Johnson, C. J. 1987 Journal Article
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A Comprehensive Evaluation of Family History and Breast-Cancer Risk : The Utah Population Data Base Kerber, Richard A., Slattery, Martha L. 1993 Journal Article
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A Cross-cultural Comparison of Attitudes toward Marital Infidelity Christensen, Harold T. 1962 Journal Article 1
A Definition of the Role of Homemaker by Two Generations of Women Carter, Don C., Wise, Genevieve M. 1965 Journal Article 2
A Descriptive Study of the Experience of Helping in the Lives of Latter-day Saint Women Nielson, Janice G. 1999 Dissertation
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A Four-Dimensional Analysis of Sex Role Attitudes in a Mormon Population : Personal Control, Self-Esteem, Dogmatism, and Religious Affiliation Emery, Sally 1991 Dissertation 1
A Generation Apart : The Gap and the Church Kimball, James N. 1970 Journal Article
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