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Search for Zarahemla : The Call of Expeditionary Parley Pratt Nelson Jones, Gracia N. 2010 Report 0 0
Happiness in Plural Marriage : An Exploration of Logic Merket, Audrey M. 2009 Report 0 0
"I Would Confine Them to Their Own Species" : LDS Historical Rhetoric & Praxis Regarding Marriage Between Whites and Blacks O'Donovan, Connell 2009 Report 9 0
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The Puritan and Mormon Jeremiads Benzley, Caroline H. 2001 Report 0 0
To Carry On : the History of the Nyssa Oregon Stake, 1950 to 2000 Robinson, Trudy Esther Bowman 2001 Report 0 0
Intervention, Mormons and the Orozco Revolution Larsen, Douglas P. 1999 Report 0 0
Mormon Politicians and Senatorial Campaigns : The Politics of Self-presentation and Contextual Admustment Hunt, Hyrum K. 1999 Report 0 0
The Structure of LDS Interpretations of the TLC Apostasy Halstead, John 1999 Report 0 0
Mormonism in Victorian England : Selected Readings Whittaker, David J. 1998 Report 2 0
Through the Glass Darkly : Comparing and Contrasting the Views of Kenneth Waltz and Inspired LDS Sources on War Evans, Jeremy O. 1998 Report 1 0
Dakota Saints : Latter-day Saints in North and South Dakota Kruckenberg, Janet 1997 Report 0 0
Breaking the Mormon Economic System : The 1890 Supreme Court Decision Driggs, Kenneth D. 1996 Report 0 0
The Australian Aborigine's Assimilation into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Faith, Margaret Donaldson 1995 Report 0 0
The Golden Years : The Administration of J. Golden Kimball in the Southern States Mission Seferovich, Heather M. 1994 Report 1 0
Save Me from that Horrible Place, the Southern States Mission 1875-1905 Seferovich, Heather M. 1994 Report 1 0
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The Legacy of William Warner Player, 1793-1993 : 'My Heart was to Build Another House for the Lord' 1850 Player, Madelyn 1993 Report 1 0
Mormon Missions and Missionaries : A Bibliographic Guide to Published and Manuscript Sources Whittaker, David J.;McClellan, Chris 1993 Report 2 0
Indian and Pioneer Medicine in Utah Territory, 1847-1900 Larsen, Wesley P. 1992 Report 2 0
Pearl of Great Price Bibliography Lamoreaux, Adam D. 1992 Report 0 0
"I Have Been Fanatically Religious" : Joseph White Musser, Father of the Fundamentalist Movement Hales, Brian C. 1991 Report 2 0
Mapping Contemporary Mormon Historiography Midgley, Louis C.;Whittaker, David J. 1990 Report 1 0
Martin Harris' Visit with Charles Anthon : Collected Documents on the Anthon Transcript and 'Shorthand Egyptian' Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies Staff 1990 Report 10 0
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An Historical Case Study in the Economics of Development : The Godbeites' Economic Policies for Utah and the Mormon Church Connors, William P. 1988 Report 0 0
Missouri History Not Found in the Textbooks : Governor Lilburn Boggs and the Mormon Expulsion Lawson, V. Lonnie 1988 Report 0 0
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