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Earthquake of 1959 [postcards]. Books & Theses
National Parks Highway: the smooth road through the summer playground. [1915?] Books & Theses
Red marked highways guide: the scenic road to Yellowstone Park thru the Bad Lands and Black Hills of South Dakota. [1950?] Books & Theses
Haynes Souvenir album. Haynes Studios 1949 Books & Theses
An analysis of the education services and facilities in Yellowstone National Park. Hennessy, Wallace James 1951 Books & Theses
Grassees of Wyoming Hallsten, G P and others 1987 Books & Theses
Letters to Lottie C. Hickok Hunter, Louis Richard D. Books & Theses
Through the Yellowstone on foot. Henderson, D. Hanford May 1899 Books & Theses
History of Yellowstone National Park, previous to 1895. Hamilton, James McLellan [1947?] Books & Theses
The benthos and drift fauna of a riffle in the Madison River, Yellowstone National Park. Heaton, John R. 1966 Books & Theses
Geology of the northwest corner of Yellowstone National Park, Montana. Jacques, Richard D. 1950 Books & Theses
The bald eagle and its economic status by R.H. Imler and E.R. Kalmbach Imler, R.H. 1955 Books & Theses
Cottage Hotel Association. Mammoth Hot Springs, National Park Henderson, George L. 1885 Books & Theses
Montana. High, wide, and handsome Howard, Joseph Kinsey 1983 Books & Theses
Summer habitat preferences, distribution and movements of elk in Yellowstone park by A. L. Harting and F. J. Singer. Pages 19–43 in: Annual report 1987. Elk Ecology Studies. U.S. department of Interior, National Park Service, Yellowstone National Park. Harting, Albert L., Jr. 1988 Books & Theses
Grand excursion to Yellowstone Park and Pacific Coast Hendrickson, Thomas H. 1896 Books & Theses
Yellowstone National Park Haynes, Frank Jay ca. 1910 Books & Theses
A landscape approach to inventory and monitoring of small mammals. Progress Report submitted to Yellowstone National Park Harter, Mary Books & Theses
The presence and potential impact of geothermal activity on the chemistry and biology of Yellowstone Lake,W yoming [by] J.V. Klump, Charles C. Remsen, and Jerry L. Kaster. In: De Luca, M.P. and Babb, I., Editors: Global Venting, midwater, and benthic processes. National Unersea Research Program Research Reports Klump, J. Val 1988 Books & Theses
Geology plus adventure: the story of the Hayden Survey. In: Billings Geological Society. Eleventh Annual Field Conference, September 7–10, 109\60. West Yellowstone—Earthquake Area Howell, Jesse V. 1960 Books & Theses