Studies in Mormon History

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Turning the Corner on Obscurity Otterson, Michael R. 1998 Book Chapter
The Balanced Scorecard and Assessing International PR/C Programs Markham, Reed 1998 Book Chapter
Meeting the Needs of the World-wide Church : Significance of Recent Developments Cowan, Richard O. 1980 Book Chapter
One Banquet, Many Foods Cox, Soren F. 1978 Book Chapter
David O. McKay's Worldwide Travels Anderson, Lavina Fielding 1994 Book Chapter
Educational Institutions Hartshorn, Leon R. 1994 Book Chapter
Views of an International Religion Davies, Douglas J. 1996 Book Chapter
Maternal and Child Health Challenges Heiser, Barbara 1995 Book Chapter
Social Challenges Facing Third World LDS Women Boswell, Katherine 1995 Book Chapter
Welfare and Humanitarian Service : Programs and Guidelines Ferguson, Isaac 1995 Book Chapter
Developing Sustainable Long-Term Relief Efforts in the Church in Africa : The Chyuly Project Brown, Larry 1995 Book Chapter
Christian Values and Ethnic Diversity : How Much of a Country's Culture Can a Christian Convert Keep? Condie, Spencer J. 1996 Book Chapter
Service and Salvation Hanks, Marion D. 1996 Book Chapter
Global Challenges of Diversity from a Missionary Perspective Butler, David C. 1996 Book Chapter
Taking the Gospel to Africa Brummer, Andre 1996 Book Chapter
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in India Gill, Gurcharan S. 1996 Book Chapter
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Russia Browning, Gary L. 1997 Book Chapter
Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus Biddulph, Howard L. 1997 Book Chapter
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Government Relations and the Church Evans, William S. 1998 Book Chapter
Make unto Yourselves Friends Christofferson, D. Todd 1998 Book Chapter
Latter-day Saint Charities and the Church's Humanitarian Efforts Ferguson, Isaac C. 1998 Book Chapter
Community Involvement and Church Public Affairs Hutchison, Darlene C. 1998 Book Chapter
Sharing the Gospel Message through the Media Ballard, M. Russell 1998 Book Chapter
No Frontiers : International Media in the 21st Century Christensen, Bruce L. 1998 Book Chapter
Globalization of the Church Cannon, Donald Q. 2003 Book Chapter
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