Studies in Mormon History

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Checklist of Published Mormon Diaries and Autobiographies Bitton, Davis 1976 Report
Mission of Love Murphy, Castle H. 1983 Report
Boyhood in a Mormon Village Nelson, Lowry 1972 Report
Eighty : One Man's Way There Nelson, Lowry 1973 Report
Auto-Biography Kimball, Sarah Melissa Granger Journal Article 1
Shaping Mormonism's Public Image and Building the Faith : B. H. Roberts's Mission to the Midwest, 1896 Sillito, John 2019 Journal Article 11
Playing Jane : Re-presenting Black Mormon Memory through Reenacting the Black Mormon Past Mueller, Max Perry 2013 Journal Article 2
Mrs Gardner's World: Scale in Mormon Women's Autobiographical Writing Guelke, Jeanne-Kay 2007 Journal Article
Literary Dimensions of Mormon Autobiography Sondrup, Steven P. 1978 Journal Article 2 4
Initially Rejected : Pioneers Reflect on the Early Struggle for Women's Ordination Collins, Barbara Lee, Hawks-Blue, Gwendolyn, Howard, Barbara, Russell, William D., Wood, Ruth Ann Endsley 2012 Journal Article 1
Deus Mea Lux Est : A Mormon Among Catholics Petersen, Zina Nibley 2016 Journal Article
Finding a Mormon Identity through Religion and Activism : A Personal Note on Constructing a Latino Time and Place in the Mormon Narrative Garcia, Ignacio M. 2015 Journal Article 1
Writing an Honorable Remembrance : Nineteenth-Century LDS Women's Autobiography Massoth, Katherine Sarah 2013 Journal Article 2 42
A "Truly Eventful Life" : Writing the Autobiography of Parley P. Pratt Grow, Matthew J. 2011 Journal Article 2
Parley Pratt and the Problem of Separating Latin and Anglo America Knowlton, David C. 2011 Journal Article 1 6
Parley Pratt's Autobiography as Personal Restoration and Redemption Park, Benjamin E. 2011 Journal Article 1 7
Parley Pratt's Literary Impulse Tobler, Ryan G. 2011 Journal Article 1
Indians, Mestizos, and Parley P. Pratt's Chilean Mission Tamez, Jared 2011 Journal Article 1 3
On the Poetics of Self-Knowledge : Poetry in Parley Pratt's Autobiography Spencer, Joseph M. 2011 Journal Article 2
Persecution, Memory, and Mormon Identity in Parley Pratt's Autobiography Grua, David W. 2011 Journal Article 11
The Conjugal Relationships of Parley P. Pratt as Portrayed in His Autobiography Bruno, Cheryl L. 2011 Journal Article 4
The Conversion of Parley Pratt : Investigating the Patterns of Mormon Piety Bowman, Matthew 2011 Journal Article 2
Undeserved Anonymity : Verda White Barnes Reeves, Troy J. 2006 Journal Article
The Relevance of Church History Heiss, Matthew K. 2005 Journal Article
Lucinda Haws Holdaway Tells Story of Her Three Journeys Across the Plains Carter, Lyndia McDowell 2004 Journal Article
James Whitehead-- God's Faithful Witness Whitehead, James 2000 Journal Article
Amelia Susan McMillan Palmer Palmer, Amelia Susan McMillan, Peterson, Irene P. 2004 Journal Article
Self-Portrait As Critic with Body Welker, Holly 2003 Journal Article
My Life Story : Reflections of an Early Family Scholar Christensen, Harold T. 2001 Journal Article
Wanderings and Wonderings : Contemporary Autobiographical Theory and the Personal Essay Holladay, Valerie 1995 Journal Article
Historical Sketch of My Life - John Johnson Davies Davies, John Johnson 1941 Journal Article 2
Nelson Wheeler Whipple Evans, John Henry 1947 Journal Article
Albert Wesley Davis Davis, Albert Wesley 1927 Journal Article
Ezra Taft Benson (1) Benson, Ezra T., Evans, John Henry 1946 Journal Article
Joseph Holbrook Holbrook, Joseph 1978 Journal Article
B. H. Roberts's Autobiography Bergera, Gary James 1993 Journal Article
Experiences of Elder John Hawley Hawley, John 1911 Journal Article 1
Recalling a Twin Falls Childhood Arrington, Leonard J. 1982 Journal Article 4
Autobiography of Elder John L. Bear Bear, John L. 1912 Journal Article
Edwin Charles Cox Journal Cox, Edwin Charles 1979 Journal Article
Autobiography of Eliza Dana Gibbs Gibbs, Eliza Dana 1993 Journal Article 1
Idaho Profile : Ezra Taft Benson Benson, Ezra Taft 1977 Journal Article
My Experience with the Church in Wales Gibbs, John R. 1917 Journal Article
A True Saint : The Autobiography of Annie Shackleton Bowen Bowen, Annie Shackleton 1952 Journal Article
Why I Am a Believer Arrington, Leonard J. 1985 Journal Article 5
On My Being a Mormon Anderson, Nels 1980 Journal Article
Historian as Entrepreneur : A Personal Essay Arrington, Leonard J. 1977 Journal Article 7 2
One Scientists's Spiritual Autobiography Fletcher, Robert C. 1986 Journal Article 1
A Westerner, Born and Bred Hafen, LeRoy R. 1972 Journal Article 1 3
Memoirs of a Marginal Man : Reflections of a Mormon Sociologist Christensen, Harold T. 1987 Journal Article 2