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Mormondom's Lost Generation : The Novelists of the 1940s Geary, Edward A. 1977 Journal Article 20 4
Where Nothing Is Long Ago : Memories of a Mormon Childhood Sorensen, Virginia 1963 Book 9
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'Herself Moving Beside Herself, Out There Alone' : The Shape of Mormon Belief in Virginia Sorensen's The Evening and the Morning Jorgensen, Bruce W. 1980 Journal Article 4 6
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Lost Tribes : Indian Mormons in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia Bailey, Ruth Knight 2004 Book Chapter 2
The Mormon Novel : Virginia Sorensen's The Evening and the Morning Lee, Sylvia B. 1979 Book Chapter 2
I've a Mother There : Identity, Language, and Experience in Mormon Women's Literature Smith, Grant T. 1993 Dissertation 2
Women Regionalists of Mormon Country Geary, Edward A. 1976 Journal Article 2
Expulsion of A Poor, Deluded and Miserable Set of Villains : A Contemporary Account 1978 Journal Article 2
Virginia Sorensen : A Saving Remnant Bradford, Mary Lythgoe 1969 Journal Article 2 1
Virginia Eggersten Sorensen Waugh (1912-1991) : Utah's First Lady of Letters Bradford, Mary Lythgoe 2000 Book Chapter 1
In Memoriam : Virginia Sorensen Bradford, Mary Lythgoe 1992 Journal Article 1
Virginia Sorensen : Literary Recollections from a Thirty-five Year Friendship Bradford, Mary Lythgoe 1994 Journal Article 1
'If You are a Writer, You Write!' An Interview with Virginia Sorenson Bradford, Mary Lythgoe, Sorensen, Virginia 1980 Journal Article 1
Virginia Sorensen Lee, Lawrence L., Lee, Sylvia B. 1978 Book 1
Then and Now : A Survey of Mormon Young-Adult Writers Crisler, Jesse S., Crowe, Chris 2003 Journal Article
The Brief History and Perpetually Exciting Future of Mormon Literary Studies Austin, Michael 2015 Journal Article 59
Mormons and Indians in Central Virginia : J. Golden Kimball and the Mason Family's Native American Origins Vest, Jay Hansford C. 2014 Journal Article 5
Moonshiner Goes West Robbins, Edward E., Robbins, Flora J. 2011 Book
Dance with Us : Virginia Tanner, Mormonism, and Humphrey's Utah legacy Dils, Ann, Pierson, Rosalind 2000 Journal Article
"That Journey I Shall Never Forget" : Mormon Emigrants & the Lynchburg, Virginia Railroad Accident of 1889 Woods, Fred E. 2010 Journal Article
West Virginia Boone, David F. 2000 Encyclopedia Article
Virginia Boone, David F. 2000 Encyclopedia Article
"I Long to Breathe the Mountain Air of Zion's Peaceful Home"Agnes O'Neal's Letter to Brigham Young from War-Torn Virginia Woods, Fred E. 2007 Journal Article 9
The Case of Virginia Sorensen : When Your Saint Is Also a Sinner Howe, Susan E. 2002 Book Chapter
They, the Builders : History of the Virginia Ward, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1915-1976 Brady, Hugh 1977 Book
A History of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Virginia Roanoke Mission Searle, June G., Searle, Lynn S. 1987 Book
A Virginia Soldier in the Frontier Army : The Letters of Sergeant John R. Whaley, Second U.S. Artillery, 1854-1859 Wettemann, Robert P., Jr. 1999 Journal Article
Virginia Farrer Cutler : An Oral History of Her Remarkable Accomplishments Romney, Chere H. 1983 Dissertation
Virginia Farrer Cutler : An Archetype for the Dual Role of Women 1905-1993 Brasher, Ruth, Rowley, Maxine Lewis 1998 Journal Article
Virginia Sorensen as the Founding Foremother of the Mormon Personal Essay : My Personal Tribute England, Eugene 1972 Journal Article 3
A 'Visitable Past' : Virginia Sorensen's Sanpete Geary, Edward A. 1990 Journal Article 10
West Virginia and Mormonism's Rarest Book Brown, Lisle G. 1978 Journal Article
The Example of Virginia Sorensen : Honest Ambivalence and the Mormon Experience Rodriguez, Joshua P., Rodriguez, Laurie I. 1997 Journal Article
Fear and Anger in Virginia : The New Mormon Activists (Part II) Sillitoe, Linda 1979 Journal Article
The New Mormon Activists : Fighting the ERA in Virginia Sillitoe, Linda 1979 Journal Article
Pioneers of Duchesne County Greenwood, Jean S. 2000 Journal Article
Mormon Pioneers of Harrison County, (now West) Virginia in the 1830's Zimmerman, Diane Hill 1997 Book
A Brief History of the Sterling Park Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints : To Celebrate the Gifts and Blessings Received in the Lord's Sterling Park Unit During its 35-year Existence Sterling Park Ward, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 2004 Book
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