Studies in Mormon History

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Religious Dialogue across Lines of Difference : Mormons, Evangelicals, and Others Agreeing to Disagree Whitaker, Roy 2015 Journal Article 2
Latter-day Lore : Mormon Folklore Studies Eliason, Eric A., Mould, Tom 2013 Book 4 51
Saints on Stage : An Anthology of Mormon Drama Stewart, Mahonri 2013 Book
War and Peace in Our Time : Mormon Perspectives Bushman, Richard L., Mason, Patrick Q., Pulsipher, John David 2012 Book 1
United by Faith : The Joseph Sr. and Lucy Mack Smith Family Walker, Kyle R. 2005 Book 5
American Bards : James M. Whitfield, Eliza R. Snow, John Rollin Ridge, and Walt Whitman Whitley, Edward Keyes 2004 Dissertation
Telling the Story of Mormon History : Proceedings of the 2002 Symposium of the Joseph Fielding Smith Institute for Latter-day Saint History at Brigham Young University Hartley, William G. 2004 Book 2
Believing History : Latter-day Saints Essays Bushman, Richard L. 2004 Book 34 33
Lives of the Saints : Writing Mormon Biography and Autobiography Derr, Jill Mulvay 2002 Book 7
Mormons and Mormonism : An Introduction to an American World Religion Eliason, Eric A. 2001 Book 28 163
Mormons, Scripture, and the Ancient World : Studies in Honor of John L. Sorenson Bitton, Davis 1998 Book 18
Life in Utah : Centennial Selections from BYU Studies Allen, James B., Welch, John W. 1996 Book 1
A World We Thought We Knew : Readings in Utah History McCormick, John S., Sillito, John R. 1995 Book 7
The Ritualization of Mormon History and Other Essays Bitton, Davis 1994 Book 34
Celebrating the LDS Past : Essays Commemorating the 20th Anniversary of the 1972 Founding of the LDS Church Historical Department's 'History Division' Esplin, Ronald K. 1992 Book 2
New Views of Mormon History : A Collection of Essays in Honor of Leonard J. Arrington Beecher, Maureen Ursenbach, Bitton, Davis 1987 Book 60
After 150 Years : The Latter-day Saints in Sesquicentennial Perspective Alexander, Thomas G., Embry, Jessie L. 1983 Book 31
The Twentieth Century American West : Contributions to an Understanding Alexander, Thomas G., Bluth, John F. 1983 Book 4
The Exodus and Beyond : Essays in Mormon History Cannon, Donald Q., Cook, Lyndon W. 1980 Book 2
A New Light Breaks Forth : Essays in Mormon History Cannon, Donald Q., Cook, Lyndon W. 1980 Book 1
The Mormon People : Their Character and Traditions Alexander, Thomas G. 1980 Book 15
'Soul-Butter and Hog Wash' and Other Essays on the American West Alexander, Thomas G. 1978 Book 1
Essays on the American West, 1974-75 Alexander, Thomas G. 1976 Book 2
The Peoples of Utah Papanikolas, Helen Z. 1976 Book 38
Essays on the American West, 1973-74 Alexander, Thomas G. 1975 Book 4
Essays on the American West, 1972-73 Alexander, Thomas G. 1974 Book 3
The Restoration Movement : Essays in Mormon History Blair, Alma R., Edwards, Paul M., McKiernan, F. Mark 1973 Book 77
To the Glory of God : Mormon Essays on Great Issues Madsen, Truman G., Tate, Charles D., Jr. 1972 Book 9
Results 1–28 of 28