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The Holy Scriptures Translated and Corrected By the Spirit of Revelation By Joseph Smith, Jr., The Seer Reorganized The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 1925 Book 3 0
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"Inspiring" but Not True : An Added Glimpse of the RLDS Stance on the Book of Mormon Midgley, Louis C. 1997 Journal Article 1 21
Making a Case for a Nineteenth-Century Reading of the Book of Mormon in the Community of Christ Luffman, Dale E. 2010 Journal Article 1 0
Mixing the Old with the New : The Implications of Reading the Book of Mormon from a Literary Perspective Stokes, Adam Oliver 2016 Journal Article 1 2
LDS Misconceptions about the Community of Christ Moore, Richard G. 2014 Journal Article 0 23
Social Justice in the Book of Mormon McGrath, Michele 2014 Journal Article 0 0