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Membership of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints By Age and Region 1910-2000 1957 Report 0 0
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Statistical Information on LDS Church and LDS Church University Needs Anonymous 1958 Report 0 0
Story of the Nauvoo Temple Arrington, Joseph Earl 1970 Report 0 0
The Looseness of Zion : Joseph Smith and the Lighter View Arrington, Leonard J. 1976 Report 3 0
Mormon Beginnings in the American South Arrington, Leonard J. 1976 Report 8 0
History of the Church in the Pacific Northwest Arrington, Leonard J. 1977 Report 3 0
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Geology and Geography of the Henry Mountains region, Utah Hunt, Charles B.;Averitt, Paul;Miller, Ralph L. 1953 Report 3 0
Joseph Smith's Visions : His Style and his Record Barney, Ronald O. 2013 Report 2 0
The Story of the Mormons in the Holy Land Barrett, Ivan J. 1977 Report 1 0
The Office of Bishop : An Example of Organizational Development in the Church Beecher, Dale F. 1978 Report 4 0
The Mormons Bellah, Robert N. 1952 Report 0 0
Joseph Smith -- His Creative Role in Religion Bennion, Lowell L. 1948 Report 1 0
The Puritan and Mormon Jeremiads Benzley, Caroline H. 2001 Report 0 0
Joseph Smith and the Verdict of Time Berrett, William E. 1953 Report 1 0
Checklist of Published Mormon Diaries and Autobiographies Bitton, Davis 1976 Report 0 0
Mormon Catechisms Bitton, Davis 1976 Report 2 0
Microfilming Experiences of James M. Black, 1938-1972 in Service with the Genealogical Society Black, James M. 1972 Report 0 0
Annals of the Southern Utah Mission Bleak, James Godson 1890 Report 34 0
Priesthood Correlation, 1960-1974 Blumell, Bruce D. 1975 Report 1 0
Welfare before Welfare : Twentieth Century LDS Church Charity before the Great Depression Blumell, Bruce D. 1978 Report 0 0
The Polynesian Cultural Center of Hawaii : A Preliminary Case Study in Educational Anthropology Matsuyama, Midori;Brameld, Theodore 1974 Report 0 0
History of the Church in Polynesia Britsch, R. Lanier 1979 Report 1 0
A Study of the Graduates of the Indian Placement Program of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Brown, Harold C.;Welker, Arland L.;Wade, Gary L.;Morgan, Kent E.;Ellis, Royal V.;Barklay, LeRoi G., Jr. 1972 Report 1 0
Joseph among the Prophets Brown, Hugh B. 1948 Report 0 0
A Bibliography of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Hawaiian Islands in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin and Honolulu Advertizer Bruno, Frank Alan 1988 Report 0 0
A Bibliography of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Tonga Bruno, Frank Alan;Cox, Cheri 1989 Report 2 0
Mormon Colonization in Texas, 1845-1858 Bryson, Conrey 1958 Report 0 0
Compilation on the Negro in Mormonism Bush, Lester E., Jr. 1972 Report 11 0
The Teaching of the Prophet Joseph Smith Bushman, Richard L. 1976 Report 4 0
Indexes to First Periodicals of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Butt, Newbern I. 1960 Report 0 0
Early Black Utah Pioneers Campbell, George B. 1975 Report 0 0
The Closing and Opening of Mormon Chapels by the Police in Argentina Cannon, Mark W. 1952 Report 0 0
Programs for Economic Cooperation and Security Among the Mormons Cannon, Mark W. 1953 Report 0 0
The Innovative Heritage of Mormonism Cannon, Mark W. 1974 Report 0 0
'For In That Day' : A History of Translation and Distribution, 1965-1980 Carr, John E. 1980 Report 1 0
The Separation of Ecclesiastical and Civil Court Jurisdiction in Early LDS Church History Christensen, Craig H. 1985 Report 1 0
Tale of Two Tabernacles : History of the Provo Tabernacle and the Old Provo Meeting House Christensen, N. La Verl 1973 Report 0 0
The Prophet Joseph -- Equally Burdened with Moses Clark, J. Reuben, Jr. 1949 Report 3 0
Some Political Aspects of Early Mormon-'Gentile' Relations, 1830-1850 : Interpretation of Contemporary Sources of Public Opinion Clark, James R. 1938 Report 1 0