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Pollock, Gordon Douglas

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In Search of Security : The Mormons and the Kingdom of God on Earth, 1830-1844 Pollock, Gordon Douglas 1977 Dissertation 16 0
Northern Voices : A Folk History of Mormonism among British Americans Pollock, Gordon Douglas 1995 Book 2 0
John Alexander Jost's 1855 Diary of His Flight from Halifax to Zion Jost, John Alexander, 1811-1905;Pollock, Gordon Douglas 1996 Journal Article 0 0
Cultural Congruity : Mormonism and the Mid-Nineteenth Century Maritimes Pollock, Gordon Douglas 1996 Journal Article 0 0
'Tin Hat' on the Disciples of Brigham Young : Nova Scotians, Mormons, and Polygamy, 1920-1928 Pollock, Gordon Douglas 1994 Journal Article 0 0