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Thompson, John E.

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A Chronology of Danite Meetings in Adam-ondi-Ahman, Missouri : July to September 1838 Thompson, John E. 1985 Journal Article 9 0
The Far West Dissenters and the Gamblers at Vicksburg : An Examination of the Documentary Evidence and Historical Context of Sidney Rigdon's Salt Sermon Thompson, John E. 1986 Journal Article 4 0
Joseph Smith, Jr., and 'The Notorious Case of Aaron Lyon' : Evidence of Earlier Doctrinal Development of Salvation for the Dead and a Trigger for the Practice of Polygamy Riggs, Michael S.;Thompson, John E. 2006 Journal Article 3 20
The Masons, the Mormons and the Morgan Incident Thompson, John E. 1984 Book 2 0
The Patriarch and the Martyr : Joseph Smith, Senior and Eli Bruce in the Canandaigua (NY) Jail Thompson, John E. 1986 Journal Article 1 0
A History of British Mission of the Latter Day Saints (1837-1841) Thompson, John E. 1980 Journal Article 1 0
The Initial Survey Committee Selected to Appoint Lands for Gathering in Daviess County, Missouri (1837-1838) Thompson, John E. 1986 Journal Article 1 0
Sampson Avard and Danite Leadership (June-October 1838) : A Reinterpretation Thompson, John E. 2006 Journal Article 1 15
Capital Punishment and Blood Atonement : The Development of a Mormon Idea Thompson, John E. 1988 Journal Article 0 0
'The Facultie of Abrac' : Masonic Claims and Mormon Beginnings Thompson, John E. 1982 Journal Article 0 0
The Mormon Baptism of William Morgan Thompson, John E. 1983 Journal Article 0 0
Spring Hill and Adam-ondi-Ahman : A Reconsideration of the Date for Doctrine and Covenants 116 Thompson, John E. 1984 Journal Article 0 0