Foundations of the Restoration

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Title Author(s) Dates Call Number Unit Has Scanned Image?
Revelation given through Joseph Smith the Prophet, at Harmony, Pennsylvania, March 1829, at the request of Martin Harris Smith, Joseph 1829 Vault MSS 76 Series 1 Subseries 1 box 1 folder 1 Unit 4 — Priesthood Restoration; Unit 3 — Book of Mormon Yes
The Evening and the Morning Star eds. Phelps W.W.; Cowdery, Oliver 1832-1834 M205.1 Ev23 Unit 6 — Joseph Smith Translation (JST); Unit 3 — Book of Mormon; Unit 9 — Missouri; Unit 8 — Kirtland Yes
Extract from the new translation of the Bible, it being the 24th chapter of Matthew; but in order to show the connection we will commence with last verse of the 23rd chapter, vix: Published for the benefit of the Saints. 1835 094 K639 1836 Unit 6 — Joseph Smith Translation (JST); Unit 8 — Kirtland Yes
William Wines Phelps Letter to Sally Phelps Phelps, William Wines 1835 Vault MSS 810 Series 1 Item 4 oversize 1 folder 1 Unit 6 — Joseph Smith Translation (JST); Unit 6 — Book of Abraham; Unit 8 — Kirtland Yes
The book of Mormon: an account written by the hand of Mormon, upon plates taken from the plates of Nephi . . . Translated by Joseph Smith, Jr.  Smith, Joseph 1837 M222.1 A1 1837 Unit 8 — Kirtland No
Edwin Hodges letter Hodges, Edwin 1846 MSS SC 1963 Unit 12 — Western Exodus and Pioneers No
Fac-simile of the brass plates recently taken from a mound in the vicinity of Kinderhook, Pike County, Illinois 1851 M222.06 F119 1851 Unit 10 — Nauvoo; Unit 6 — Book of Abraham No
The Pearl of Great Price: being a choice selection from the revelations, translations, and narrations of Joseph Smith, first prophet, seer, and revelator to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Smith, Joseph 1851 M224.1 A1 1851 Unit 6 — Book of Abraham No
Great contrast. A selection of texts from King James's translation of the Bible, contrasted with the corresponding texts in the inspired translation of Joseph Smith, the seer. Arranged by Isaac Sheen Sheen, Isaac 1867 M221.01 Sh35g 1867 Unit 6 — Joseph Smith Translation (JST) No
Mormonism examined; or, was Joseph Smith a divinely inspired prophet? A refutation of Mormonism, containing over one hundred proofs of its fallacy. Examined in the light of their own inspired works, such as "The Book of Mormon," "The Book of Doctrine and Sheldon, William 1876 BX 8609 .Sh438 1876 Unit 3 — Book of Mormon No
William Smith on Mormonism. This book contains a true account of the origin of the Book of Mormon. A sketch of the history, experience, and ministry of Elder William Smith. The story of the golden plates from which the Book of Mormon was translated... Smith, William 1883 M291 Sm69w 1883 Unit 3 — Book of Mormon No
Three Bibles compared. Results of scholarship and inspiration. An arrangement in parallel columns of prominent passages from the King James' and Revised Versions of the Bible as well as the Holy Scriptures, translated by inspiration through Joseph Smith. Etzenhouser, Rudolph 1895 BX 8621.05 .Et99t 1895 Unit 6 — Joseph Smith Translation (JST) No
Scharmann's overland journey to California. From the pages of a pioneer's diary. Translated from the German of H. B. Scharmann by Margaret Hoff Zimmermann, A.B. and Erich W. Zimmermann, Ph.D Scharmann, Hermann B 1918 917.8 Sc17 1918 Unit 12 — Western Exodus and Pioneers No
David O. McKay letter McKay, David O. 1948 MSS SC 2156 Unit 13 — Continuing Revelation No
Joseph Smith's New translation of the Bible: Original Manuscripts Smith, Joseph 2004 BX 8621.05 .A1 2004 Unit 6 — Joseph Smith Translation (JST) No