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An interactive computer orientation/information system for visitors at Yellowstone National Park Hildreth, Nancy J. 1987 Books & Theses
Views of Yellowstone Park Haynes, Frank Jay [ca. 1885] Books & Theses
General geological setting and mineralization of the porphyry copper doposits, Absaroka Volcanic Plateau, Wyoming. In Wyoming Geological Association. Thirty-third Annual Field Conference Guidebook, 1982. Geology of Yellowstone Park Area Hasusel, W. Dan Books & Theses
Report upon the construction, repair and maintenance of roads and bridges in the Yellowstone National Park, C.H. Knight . . . in charge. Knight, C.H. Books & Theses
Relationships between activity patterns and foraging strategies of Yellowstone grizzly bears Harting, Albert L. Jr. 1985 Books & Theses
Cottage Hotel Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone National Park Henderson, George L. After 1885 Books & Theses
Geologic hazards and Yellowstone National Park's energy management plan. In:Western States Sesmic policy Council. Annual Conference Proceedings, 1987, pp. 194–203 Hutchinson, Roderick A. 1987 Books & Theses
Wonderland of the world. [Hendrickson, Charles D.] [1884] Books & Theses
The history of the eradication of the wolf in Montana Curnow, Edward E. 1969 Books & Theses
Interactive ecology of plants, large mammalian herbivores, and drought in Yellowstone National Park Frank, Douglas Alan 1990 Books & Theses
A preliminary aracheological survey of Yellowstone National Park Hoffmann, John Jacob 1961 Books & Theses
Yellowstone's Northern Elk Herd: a critical evaluation of the ""natural regulation"" paradigm Kay, Charles Edward 1990 Books & Theses
The condition of the northern winter range in the Yellowstone National Park - a discussion of the controversy Tyers, Daniel Bruce 1981 Books & Theses
An archaeological survey of the Jackson Hole region, Wyoming Love, Charles M. 1972 Books & Theses
Impact of the 1988 forest fires on the chemistry of ground water in Yellowstone National Park (ash leachates, soil water) Siders, Mary A. 1992 Books & Theses
Dendroecology in the fossil forest of the specimen creek area, Yellowstone National Park Michael J. 1991 Books & Theses
Geology of the Monument Mountain-Gallatin River area, Yellewsotne National Park and Gallatin County May, Paul R. 1950 Books & Theses
Petrography and seimentology of a phosphatic shelf deposit: the permian shedhorn sandstone and associated rocks in southwest Montana and Northwest Yellowstone National Park Thornburg, Janet May Bauder 1990 Books & Theses
The fate of lead in Lewis Lake, Yellowstone National Park Klein, Stephen Mark 1989 Books & Theses
Tilt tides and tectonics at Yellowstone National Park Meertens, Charles Mangelaar 1987 Books & Theses