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***** Bowman, J.R. see under Pacific Tourist Books & Theses
Protection of the Yellowstone national park [by] G.S. Anderson.—The Yellowstone national park protection act. p.______ Books & Theses
Examining the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem; land and resource management. Boyce, Mark S., ed. Yale University Press Books & Theses
Tourist tattler s.n.] Books & Theses
Adams & Bishop' illustrated see under Pacific Tourist Books & Theses
Yellowstone National Park, 1999. The state of the Park. See under Franke, Mary Ann Books & Theses
Naturalistic studies of mammal care in moose and elk. Altmann, M. Books & Theses
Prehistoric utilization of Yellowstone Park obsidian withing the yellowstone, Madison and Gallatin drainages and the Northern Wyoming Basin: 12,000 to 200 years B.P. In American Quaternary Association abstracts, p. 29–30. Yellowstone Park and Montana State University, Bozeman Books & Theses
Views of Louisiana edited by Reuben Gold Thwaites. Brackenridge, Henry Marie Books & Theses
Some aspects of homing in cutthroat trout. Ball, Orville P. Books & Theses
Temporal variations in gravity across the Yellowstone caldera [by] F. Arnet, R.B. Smith, and E. Klingele. Arnet, F. Books & Theses
Yellowstone, a children's guide. Balthis, Frank Books & Theses
Memorial volume of the transcontinental excursion of 1912 of the American Geographical Society of New York. See under: Martonne, Emmanuel de and Chaix, Emile American Geographical Society of New York Books & Theses
Facts about Yellowstone Lake. Benson, Norman Gustaf U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Books & Theses
Predicting the ecological consequences of thermal pollution from observations on geothermal habitats. Brock, Thomas D. Books & Theses
Screening and breeding of microorganisms: the environment as a source of genomic diversity. Brock, Thomas D. Books & Theses
Reseearch on thermophiles, a memoir. Brock, Thomas D. Books & Theses
Management plan for Yellowstone Lake fishery. Benson, Norman Gustaf Bureau of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife Books & Theses
Fishery management of Yellowstone Lake, Wyoming as related to water supply forecasts. Barnes, Philip E. Books & Theses
Yellowstone National Park folding post card. Books & Theses